A commissioned weaving


Last fall, Tara was asked to do a commission weaving for a Pentecostal Liturgical Stole. There were some sizes given (width, length, etc.) as well as preferred colours and style and the rest was up to Tara.

Tara worked on this at the studio over many weeks – setting up the warp, choosing colours and doing the intricate weaving. She ended up doing two sections – one for the long sides and another for the back neck piece which was to be narrower. It was wonderful to watch this stole evolve and the results are stunning.

The full stole…


A close up…


And a detail of the back of the neck. This section is a combination of a cross and a sun done with an inlay and embroidery technique…


She and I were able to go together to present it to the recipient – who loved it. She is giving it as a gift to someone who will be graduating from Theological College.

Congratulations Tara!

Happy Weaving,

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