Words to Weave

Words to Weave – A Virtual Exhibit


During the time of COVID, in person classes, exhibits, festivals, etc. have been shut down.

One day when I was out for a walk, an idea came to me to hold a Virtual Exhibit.  So, “Words to Weave” became the theme.  I wondered how many people might be interested in this topic and who would submit items for this exhibit.  When I put out the call, I was so happy to receive a positive response.  In all, 14 artists contributed to this show.

Once I started receiving the entries, I had wished that it was in person.  It is so different to see an image instead of actually seeing and touching the cloth.  However, the words and the weavings that were submitted were so inspiring, moving and touching.  As is the SAORI way, each entry was so unique.

Here was the idea:

Are the words to a poem, quote, story or song inspiring to you?  Or perhaps the words of a child or some words from Misao Jo’s writings?

These are the SAORI weavings of 14 artists who have used words as inspiration. View all the details on each artist’s page  on the website Words to Weave.




I hope you enjoy viewing these explorations!  The exhibit remains posted for now – even beyond the original dates.

A new Artist’s Call will be coming this Fall.  Stay tuned for details.

Happy Weaving,