Tuesdays with Tara

I wanted to share some of Tara’s weaving with you. Tara has been weaving at SAORI Salt Spring and at home for 4+ years. She takes to heart Misao-sensei’s message of “Weave Every Day”.

We work together at the studio to make warps to keep her weaving – she chooses the most amazing colours…



And the warps are always so lovely and inspiring…


And another …


She also uses some of the SAORI pre-wound warps and does beautiful weaving with them too. Here are her most recent pillows made with the blue-speckled warp…


A couple more things that she’s woven recently…two shawls…


And a belt…


And many other things including clothing. You can see more of her work in my previous posts here.

She has some of her SAORI weaving for sale at:

Knotty by Nature in Victoria
Bespoke in Victoria
Bark, Bath & Beyond in Victoria (where she has handwoven dog scarves)
Embellish in Duncan

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Eve and Tara
    Eve and Tara says:

    Oh Terri…what a wonderful glimpse into your creative partnership with Tara. The two of you really inspire each other and weave magic into your relationship. Thank you for your dynamic spirit! Love, Eve Richard and Tara

  2. lynn
    lynn says:

    Thanks for sharing some of Tara’s work Terri! I am always so inspired by the bold colour combinations. Keep weaving Tara and keep inspiring all of us!!!

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