Tuesdays with Tara

I wanted to share some of Tara’s weaving with you. Tara has been weaving at SAORI Salt Spring and at home for 4+ years. She takes to heart Misao-sensei’s message of “Weave Every Day”.

We work together at the studio to make warps to keep her weaving – she chooses the most amazing colours…



And the warps are always so lovely and inspiring…


And another …


She also uses some of the SAORI pre-wound warps and does beautiful weaving with them too. Here are her most recent pillows made with the blue-speckled warp…


A couple more things that she’s woven recently…two shawls…


And a belt…


And many other things including clothing. You can see more of her work in my previous posts here.

She has some of her SAORI weaving for sale at:

Knotty by Nature in Victoria
Bespoke in Victoria
Bark, Bath & Beyond in Victoria (where she has handwoven dog scarves)
Embellish in Duncan

Happy Weaving,

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The story behind the picture…

Yesterday, I posted this photo on Facebook:


Here’s the rest of the story…

I had finished weaving a piece this summer and it has been waiting to be made into something. Yesterday was the day!! I had an idea to make a shawl/jacket based on the pattern in the “blue” SAORI clothing design book – pattern # 28.

I measured my weaving and it was approximately the same width and the exact length – go figure! So I got started and made a few modifications to the design as I put it together.

When I was finished, I asked Alan to take some photos. I don’t like having my photo taken at the best of times – but it didn’t work on the dress form, so here I am modelling it.

With the large collar down….


With the large collar back…


With the large collar up as a hood….


With it rolled into a bulky collar…


From the back…


And then when I got tired of modelling (you know, where to put your hands? where to look? how to stand? – a model I’m not!), I jumped up in the air…Alan kept taking photos and so that’s how we got the photo that I posted yesterday.

Today, I found a few more ways to wear it. What to call it – a tunic, a shawl, a jacket, a vest – it is all of these….

And….so simple to construct…


Just 3 pieces sewn together along the selvedge edges with holes left for the arms!

Happy Weaving,

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Virtual SAORI Kai II – Dragonflies & Spirals Oh My!

Noreen is a designer of many things, bringing dreams and wonderful creations to life. She is a woman of many talents including knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving and more. One of her loves is small looms – of which she has many – including a SAORI loom.

Noreen wrote to me:

I love dragonflies- they have a way of making me stop and feel wonder and awe at the beauty of nature and life in general.

It is no surprise to me that so many people who are engaged in healing find that the dragonfly, and it’s spiral path, symbolizes the healing journey.

I have been feeling the need for some dragonfly energy in my life, and so, I have woven a Saori prayer shawl or healing wrap that is an invocation to the dance of the dragonfly.

Dragonfly shawl

Dragonfly shawl

Here is the link to my blog post that has more of pictures of the dragonfly wrap.

Dragonfly shawl

How beautiful – some of my very favourite things – dragonflies, spirals and of course SAORI weaving! When I read what Noreen wrote it’s no wonder I’m drawn to these things 🙂

More info on Noreen’s work:
YouTube video tutorials:

Linking the SAORI Kai (II):
SAORI Kai – Post 1 – Winter White
SAORI Kai – Invitation

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A photo shoot …

I made a shawl some time ago and it is for sale through Next Door Style. I call it “Salish Seas”. Part of putting it onto their site was a photo shoot and I just got some copies of the photos for my use through the photographer.

I love the photos and wanted to post them up here for you to see…

Salish Seas Shawl

Salish Seas Shawl

It is great to have some photos with a model – instead of me having to be the model!

Happy Weaving,

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Salt Spring Fashionistas!

Inspired by this Storm Cloud Shawlette and Project Spectrum – North, I decided to use up the green yarn I had leftover from making the shawl for my mom’s St. Patrick’s Day birthday.


The next week at my weaving class I brought out Petra (my model) to see if I could get some photos of the shawlette.

The “Fashionistas” in my Saori Weaving Class wanted to help and to see how many ways they could put the shawl on Petra…









Or on themselves…


Great ideas! I can’t wait to see some of their Saori clothing design!

Happy Weaving,
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