SAORI Silk Scarf

A birthday scarf and looking east

I took a break from weaving my Directions banners to weave a scarf for my mom’s birthday. When she was here last she chose a yarn that she wanted for the weft of the scarf – it was a beautiful Umaj sock yarn (merino wool and bamboo) from Gaia’s Colours. For the weft, I chose silk yarn from Treenway Silks which was great as I haven’t worked with silk before.

Here is the finished scarf…


SAORI Silk Scarf

It is so light and has a wonderful feel from the great yarns.

And now, I’m back to my Directions series with East/Yellow. East represents new beginnings, childhood and spring. The warp is wound and ready to go…

And the weaving begins…

Happy Weaving,

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  1. jill
    jill says:

    i love the subtle yellow and the textures and the floats of facing east.
    and your mum’s scarf is exquisite.

  2. mom
    mom says:

    What a special birthday present this was, Terri! I love, love, love this most elegant scarf and the subtle blending of colors! It is so soft and light and I do feel wrapped in love every time wear it. When people comment on it, I enjoy saying, “My daughter wove it for me.” ox mom

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