SAORI in July

This month is wonderfully busy with SAORI weaving – classes, workshops, retreats and Zen Weaving Days. I just thought I’d share a few photos of warps and weavings being created lately – with many more to come!

I think the photos will say it all…


This week is also the 2014 SAORI International Conference in Peachtree City, Georgia which many people will be enjoying over the next 6 days.

Happy Weaving,

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8 replies
    • terri
      terri says:

      Thanks Tanya – it has been great to have so much weaving happening lately!!

      Of course – Oilers colours. I didn’t notice that 🙂

    • terri
      terri says:

      Glad that you are inspired – I certainly have been! It is always fun to see what people create 🙂

  1. Judi G.
    Judi G. says:

    Beautiful colours! Beautiful weaving!

    As an aside, we might be having an okay time at the conference.

    • Terri
      Terri says:

      Thanks Judi!

      And I’m sure you’re having an amazing time!!!

      I start a retreat tonight here at the studio and another in a week.

      Happy Weaving

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