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A Red SAORI top…

  Just in time for Christmas… Lynn came by last week and we always have fun doing a show and tell (a mini SAORI Kai!). Lynn brought a fabulous new top that she made… I loved the colours, of course, and it was so comfortable to wear that I didn’t want to give it back. […]

The story behind the picture…

Yesterday, I posted this photo on Facebook: Here’s the rest of the story… I had finished weaving a piece this summer and it has been waiting to be made into something. Yesterday was the day!! I had an idea to make a shawl/jacket based on the pattern in the “blue” SAORI clothing design book – […]

Blossom Festival

Yesterday was the Blossom Festival on Salt Spring Island and a picnic in the Japanese Garden. I prepared my loom with a “blossom warp” using the colours of cherry blossoms and some spring green. At the event there were many Japanese things to see, do and listen to – calligraphy, haiku, music, aikido demonstrations, bento […]

Custom warp

Last week I enjoyed making a custom warp. Tanya asked if I could make a warp for her based on a basket of yarns that she has. She wants to make a baby blanket for a friend. She asked for a wide, approximately 5 metre long warp, that is ‘stripe-y’. Yarns should be suitable for […]

Tara’s Warp

Making a warp From a basket of colours…. To a warp wound… To the loom…. I’m looking forward to seeing the weaving! Happy Weaving, Terri My website: www.saorisaltspring.com  

SAORI Weaving and Denim bag

As you may know from reading many of my posts – I LOVE the colour blue! So, no surprise, I had a piece of SAORI woven cloth that was mainly blues. I had been experimenting with Saori-style log cabin when working on this weaving. I have wanted to make a new bag for a while […]


Blossom Banner arrives in Japan

Back in April at the Blossom Festival on Salt Spring Island, I invited people to weave a “Blossom Banner” to send to the people of Japan as a message of hope for their recovery from the earthquake and tsunami. When I went to Hawaii later in April, I met with Kenzo and Naoto Jo of […]


Blossom Festival

I have been wanting to go to Japan during Cherry Blossom season ever since I started Saori Weaving and made my first trip there. Last year I missed it by a couple of weeks. This year it is my prayers that I’m sending to Japan. However, this weekend there is a Blossom Festival on Salt […]

Tara’s Dress

I spent a wonderful morning with Tara and her mom Eve. Tara had purchased one of the pink pre-wound warps and wove the whole thing – 12 metres of it – washed it and brought it back to sew into a dress. She had seen a picture in the Saori Photo Report book that she […]


A birthday scarf and looking east

I took a break from weaving my Directions banners to weave a scarf for my mom’s birthday. When she was here last she chose a yarn that she wanted for the weft of the scarf – it was a beautiful Umaj sock yarn (merino wool and bamboo) from Gaia’s Colours. For the weft, I chose […]