Spaces Between – A Healing Journey

“Spaces Between”  is an installation at the Green Raven Clinic on Salt Spring Island.


Warp – I am the warp. I am black and I am strong and I hold all these pieces together. Without the warp she could not weave. I am dark and in the background so that all the colours of the weft can take centre stage. I am straight, usually. This time, she took out the reed and moved me from side to side at will. Usually the reed keeps everything under control and in straight lines – but the reed was nowhere to be seen. At one point she started pulling some of me out! I felt vulnerable, but I held everything together anyway.

Weft – I am the weft. My colour changes by her will and whimsy. I am often blues and greens, the colour of the island, but now I am grey and soft, red and strong, black and dark. Usually I go across and back, across and back. But now, she stops and starts, changing direction, changing colour, leaving holes and spaces. Leaving spaces between.

Black – I am black and dark. Black and strong. A background colour. A bold colour. No colour. I reach into dark places and call things up for exploration. I am the colour of the west and the storm clouds, but they also bring the cleansing rains. You may see me as solid, but look closely, I am only threads woven together, absorbing the light.

Red – Bold. Strong. Startling. Stop. Look at me. Her Aries colour, seldom expressed by her. I think I am not her true colour as she feels jolted by me. I stand out. I draw your eye. I call to you, to women.

Grey – Soft, woollen grey. Gentle lines, moving, bending, blending in. Making you feel relaxed and soft. Warm and cozy. I rest your eyes from the other strong colours. I withdraw into myself. I balance the other colours, leaving a more peaceful feeling.

Wool – I am little bits of wool. I am scattered here and there like little bright spots. Soft spots. I make you smile when you see me. I am texture and unexpected. Playful.

Spaces Between

Waterfall, 2009
Blue Cashmere Jacket, 2018
Spaces Between: Flow, 2018
Spaces Between: Apart & Together, 2018
Spaces Between: Missing, 2018
Spaces Between: Crossroads, 2018

Artist’s Statement

These 4 pieces were woven as I started yet another year with Chronic Health Issues.

“Spaces Between”  was my search for answers. I wasn’t sure when I started weaving what the spaces were about. Were they the spaces, the moments of good health, the good memories? Or were they the spaces of darkness and ill health? Were they breathing spaces? I wove and I wondered.

When I showed one of my pieces to a friend as I was asking this question she said to me “It really doesn’t matter which they are, as when I see the whole cloth together it is beautiful. If the spaces are the good places or the broken places, they all work together to make the whole tapestry of your life”.

Each piece is different and it was clear when it was finished. I unrolled them and they are all of a similar length, a chapter of the story.

As I was finishing the last piece, just near the end, a piece of blue wool called to be put into the weaving. At that time I knew that this was the last piece of the series as I was being called back from this journey and search.

Spaces Between

Then I was at a clinic day at Green Raven and a question came to me “Where am I in all of this?” – it felt like something outside of me. Like I wasn’t present. It was at that time that I realized I had to add to this exhibit some pieces that are me, that reflect who I am.  The two pieces that I chose are blues, of course. One, called “Waterfall” was woven early in my SAORI weaving journey for an exhibit in New York City, before my illness started. The other “Blue Cashmere Jacket” is a piece that I just finished.

saori weaving

I am now weaving with more ease, more breathing room, more spaces to allow things to be how they are.

Happy Weaving,



A Lime / Lyme Scarf

As some of you know I have been dealing with Lyme Disease for the past 6 years. My husband, Alan, is working on a documentary film about it (watch for more information and an Indiegogo campaign later this spring to help finish the film). Recently, we were asked to participate in a Lyme Awareness event through the Victoria Support Group. So, I decided it was time to weave a Lime / Lyme Scarf to wear to the event!

I gathered up all my Lime Green (and related) colours into a basket…

Warped my new little Piccolo loom…and started weaving…


I have one scarf done and still have enough on the loom to weave another…



Now I’m thinking I may do a lot of Lime / Lyme weaving and get it out of my system. Weave my way to health! This was a great excuse reason to buy some more lime green yarn! Bamboo and silk and a bit of roving 🙂

Happy Weaving,

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A Christmas Day Walk


Yesterday we had a lovely and quiet day. Lots of phone calls to and from family and dear friends near & far.

We decided to take a thermos of tea and some Christmas goodies and go for a walk to enjoy our beautiful island. We chose the Burgoyne Bay walk. Here are the boats in the bay…

The walk is an easy and beautiful path…

along the water…

Life on the island!

Happy Holidays and Happy Weaving,

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, ,

SAORI Weaving with (grand)children


Back in September we went to visit our grandchildren. I thought that they might each try weaving a bit and so I brought one of my SAORI looms along. I set it up in the living room and during the day, they all enthusiastically did some SAORI weaving.


That first evening, the youngest and I had plans to play “Sorry” and read some stories before bed. He said “Could I weave instead of playing the game?” – sure! Then when it was bedtime he said “Could I weave instead of having stories? Well, maybe just one short story?” Sure!


Over the weekend, all 3 boys accumulated a lot of weaving projects and thanked me for bringing the loom along. Some were already given as gifts (or sold! – Granddad was more than happy to buy some of the weaving 🙂 ) and others were going to be Christmas gifts…




What a joy for me to be able to share this with my grandkids!!

Happy Weaving,

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Happy New Year!

Today we decided to go for a walk over in Goldstream Park on Vancouver Island, it was a bit misty in the morning when we arrived on the island…

Happy New Year 2013

We got to the park and the sun was shining off and on, but it was a bit chilly outside – but we were prepared for it.

Happy New Year 2013

Goldstream Park is a beautiful place where the salmon come to spawn. Earlier in the season you can visit to see the salmon run. Later in the year as the salmon die, the eagles come to feed. Today, we saw two eagles in the tree – but other years there were plenty.

Bald Eagle

Salmon bones

It is a beautiful walk anyway and we enjoyed it, the river, the trees, and more…

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

As we were driving back to the ferry down a backroad we came across some more eagles – even closer than the ones in the park. I haven’t seen them so up close before – it was amazing!



Happy 2013 and Happy Weaving!!


Life is what happens…

…when you are making other plans. This was so true today!

I thought I had it all planned out. A SAORI class this morning – “Learning to warp the SAORI way”, a trip into town to visit the Salt Spring Market opening day and get a gluten free treat for Easter from the Laughing Daughter’s bakery stand, lunch at Bruce’s Kitchen, a walk in Burgoyne Bay, and so on….

The SAORI class happened – which was great! Then for one reason and another we were delayed going in to town and so when we got there Laughing Daughter’s had just sold out. Sigh and disappointment. So, off to Bruce’s Kitchen for lunch. It was busy there, as usual on a Saturday. The people in line in front of me ordered the last bowl of veggie chili. Sigh again. Plans foiled.

So, off we went to Barb’s Buns to have lunch there and I was just hoping that they would still have some gluten free bread left. They did! I had a wonderful veggie split pea soup and a gf grilled cheese sandwich. Yum.

By this time we decided it was too late to go down to Burgoyne Bay and so thought why don’t we just go walk along the harbour in town – the sun was shining and it was a warm and sunny day. So, we walked along by Grace Point Square and then out to Grace Point itself. A quiet sunny place. We sat and enjoyed looking out at the water…

Grace Point Salt Spring Island

the boats, the sea planes,…

Grace Point Salt Spring Island

the ducks and all.

Grace Point Salt Spring Island


Then I heard a ‘blow’! That sounded bigger than a seal! I looked up and there, coming into the harbour was a pod of Orcas!!

Orcas Salt Spring Island

Wow!! Amazing….in the 8 years we’ve been here I’ve never seen the whales come in to the harbour. What a treat – I couldn’t have planned this!

Orcas Salt Spring Island
(orca photos by Alan Bibby – click for larger view)

I was even able to get a bit of video…

After that amazing display, we wandered off for a latte at the Treehouse Cafe

Tree House Cafe Salt Spring Island

got some new Tibetan prayer flags from Rainbow Road Trading and stopped at The Fishery to pick up something for dinner…

The Fishery Salt Spring Island

And home again after a wonderful day!

Happy Easter weekend!


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Time for a walk…

The past weekend was one of those gorgeous sunny fall weekends on Salt Spring Island and so we went out for a couple of walks …

and to the beach …

Alan doing some photography …

…of a strange looking jellyfish!


And the other morning I had to go into town early to do a radio interview. I stopped by the lake to clear my mind. The mists and the fall colours were beautiful and the lake so calm!

Happy Walking and Happy Weaving,

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Pancake Picnic!

We had decided early in the day that we would have pancakes for supper tonight – a nice simple supper on the first sunny day (it seems) of the summer. Alan surprised me when he came home and said “Let’s take everything down to the beach and have a picnic!”. I thought it was a marvelous idea and so made up the (gluten free) pancake batter, cut up some strawberries and gathered everything together, Alan got the stove, etc. and off we went.

We went to beautiful Southey Point – just a short drive away…

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

The tide was fairly high, but we found a nice place to sit and a flat spot to set up our little stove. Alan looked quite pleased with himself for the great idea…

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

And pleased he should be – it was a beautiful evening and so nice to be at the beach. So, he started up the stove and started cooking.

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

Oh-oh, looks like the water is getting pretty close behind him…

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

Oops!! Look out Alan, the tide is coming in!!

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

But, determined, he continued cooking…

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

Looking good…

Pancake Picnic on the Beach


Pancake Picnic on the Beach

All turned out well and we had a fun (and memorable) time!

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

[Sorry about the lack of weaving content on this post, but it was just too good to pass up – more SAORI soon!]

Happy Weaving & Happy Summer,

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Happy New Year from Salt Spring Island!

We had a sunny, cool & crisp day today here on the island and so decided to go up to Mt. Maxwell for a walk. What a great way to start a New Year!

View from Mt. Maxwell…

Mount Maxwell

And here is more of the island:

The forest…

Salt Spring Forest

The fields…

Salt Spring Fields

The sea…

Salish Sea

and me 🙂


Happy 2011 & Happy Weaving,

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Happy Solstice

We had a cloudy night last night and thought that we wouldn’t see the lunar eclipse. Just before we went to sleep I checked out the window and there was a wind blowing the clouds so we could get glimpses of the moon.

Alan rushed out with camera and tripod…


…ta da!

It was so wonderful to see – we stayed outside and watched (much darkness with the clouds) and saw glimpses right up until the full eclipse – but none others long enough for photos.


Happy Solstice!

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