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Foamcore Looms 1 – Easy Weaving

Since mentioning foamcore looms in my November 21st entry about the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver, BC, a few people have asked me about the looms. So, I am writing a series of blogs about the looms and how to make them, some things that you can make on them and some step-by-step instructions. […]


Weaving a Banner for Peace – article published

I wrote an article for “Fibre Focus” – The Ontario Handweavers and Spinners magazine – on my “Weaving a Banner for Peace” project this past summer. The magazine has just been published and I am so excited. I haven’t received my copy yet – but look forward to getting it soon. My website: www.saltspringweaving.ca


Peace Weaving

This past summer I went to the World Peace Forum with my SAORI loom, a rainbow warp and facilitated the Weaving of a Peace Banner. Over 100 people from all over the world contributed to weaving peace. It was an amazing experience for me. A chance to share my love of weaving and my hopes, […]


‘Hello world!’ And welcome to my blog! …on weaving, peace, sustainability and life and whatever else happens to be on my mind or of interest (I hope) to some. The weaving – that’s SAORI weaving. Weaving without boundaries. Peace – peace within and world peace Sustainability – all kinds of things about the environment, climate […]