Inspired by a link (which I will post when I find it again) sent to me by Chris (of Rawsome Coaching) I decided to crochet some bowls. I had a big skein of wool that I bought when I was in New Zealand and so I asked Tom if he would wind it into a ball for me…


…he uses a nostepinne and his hand was a blur (see this video for step-by-step instructions). This nostepinne was made by our good friends Noreen & Jim over at Crone-Findlay Creations.

I love to crochet while travelling or sitting and waiting for something. I don’t use a pattern, so each bowl is a different shape and size. Here is one bowl after crocheting…


…and a close up…


Another one after felting in the washing machine and formed over a bowl to dry…


…and a close-up…


Since these photos, I have washed them once more and will run through a third time as I’d like to get them thicker and not showing the stitches so much….adventures in felting!

Happy Weaving, crocheting, knitting, spinning and all things fibre!

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…of light!

Halloween Light
Photo by Alan Bibby

Happy Halloween!

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I know that some of you are also readers of my dear friend Noreen’s blog – which was, up until yesterday “Hankering for Yarn”.

I just want to let you know that she hasn’t stopped blogging, you can still read about her wonderful fibre discoveries and creations over on Tottie Talks Crafts.

She has great ideas, great tutorials, patterns and more. She has also published a wonderful new book called “The Woven Bag”. You can buy it here on Amazon or order it through your favourite local bookstore.

Happy Weaving,

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A local store has challenged Salt Spring Artists to create ‘Green’ Christmas stockings to be auctioned off to support the Salt Spring Conservancy.

So, I took some denim jeans (that were no longer suitable for wearing – not even for the thrift store) and cut them into strips to weave with. I also put in some bits and pieces from my treasure baskets (aka weaving thrums – leftovers that would often get thrown away) to add some colour and texture.

Here is the weaving as it was progressing…

Recycled denim

I have also saved the pockets to attach them to the stocking…

Recycled denim

So, I had the (very heavy) pieces of cloth for the leg of the stocking, but what to do about the toe?

One day I was at the local thrift store with my cousin and she found a red hat with tassels – perfect size and great colour for the toe…

Green Christmas Stocking

I added a crocheted red heel to match, removed the tassels from the hat to use as a stocking hanger at the top, added some bells from old Christmas gifts and decorations that I had saved and here it is completed…

Green Christmas Stocking

And here is a write-up that I did for the display.

Happy Weaving,


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Saori Salt Spring Studio

Well – one sock done! One more to go.


I hear that people get hooked on knitting socks…well I haven’t yet. I think I have second sock syndrome (SSS) – having happily finished the first sock, realizing that I have to do the whole thing over again…LOL! I wonder if I will have the pair done by the end of the month??

So Happy Socktoberfest!

Socktoberfest (Note: you can find Socktoberfest on Flickr or Ravelry)

Anyone else out there making socks for Socktober?

Happy Weaving (& knitting),


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On Sunday I went down to Ruckle Park on Salt Spring Island for “Ruckle Park Days”. The weather was beautiful and it was a marvelous day.

The 4Hers were there with their animals…

4H animals

of many sorts…

There were nails to be pounded

logs to be sawed

butter to be churned

sheep to be herded

Sheep Herding

wool to spin and to weave

and an Earth Banner to create….

Saori Weaving

and music…

And the Saori Earth Banner is almost finished!

Saori weaving - earth banner

Oh, I love this community!

Happy Weaving,


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Thanks to Alan for the great photos!

First of all – Happy New Year to everyone!

I’m back into blogging mode and just wanted to let people know about Ravelry – This is ‘A Knit & Crochet Community’ that I joined last week. I was curious and interested in sharing knitting & crochet – which I also do when I don’t have my Saori Loom along with me – on ferry trips, on road trips, etc.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they also have a Weaver’s group and so it has been interesting to see what people are doing and talking about. You can add projects – completed, in progress, in the future, your yarns, etc…….lots of info, lots of people….


If you are interested, check it out….if you are already a member, you can meet me there!

Happy Weaving (and knitting & crocheting & spinning & ……)


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Since we live on an island we have to take the ferry to get to the ‘Big Island’ (Vancouver Island) or to the mainland….so I like to have projects to work on during the ferry rides. I often take along some knitting or crochet to do.

My dear friend Noreen has a blog ( and she recently posted instructions for crocheted mittens and a hat. So I decided to try out the patterns and made some wrist warmers (instead of mittens):

Crochet Wrist Warmers (c) Noreen Crone-Findlay (click on image)
(the wrist warmers are made from 3 different colours of washable wool)

and a hat:

Crochet Hat (c) Noreen Crone-Findlay Crochet Hat (c) Noreen Crone-Findlay (click on images)
(the hat is made using 2 strands together of beautifully soft alpaca yarn)

Of course the patterns are copyright, but free to try out for your own use. Thanks Noreen! And thanks to dh Alan for taking the photos for me….
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Do you remember spool knitting? or corking as it was sometimes called? You know the spool with the little pegs that you might have made miles of cord on? Well, my friend Noreen and her husband Jim make wonderful spoolknitters – hand turned, burned with beautiful designs and painted and made with love. She has just posted a great spool knitting ‘how-to’ video on her blog. You can then see her website for wonderful things to do with the cord. You will find here video here.

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‘Hello world!’ And welcome to my blog!

…on weaving, peace, sustainability and life and whatever else happens to be on my mind or of interest (I hope) to some.

The weaving – that’s SAORI weaving. Weaving without boundaries.

Peace – peace within and world peace

Sustainability – all kinds of things about the environment, climate change, energy saving, green practices, green accommodations (we have a B&B), etc.

Life – day-to-day, moment-to-moment stuff

and everything else