SAORI Clothing Design – A vest conversion

Two years ago I made a long, simple vest out of some fabric that I had woven. The vest was 3 strips of fabric sewn together with spaces left for the armholes and slits left in the bottom section. It could be worn two ways and I wrote about it here.

Here it is flat:


And here was the finished piece:


I liked it a lot … BUT I didn’t wear it.

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One day a couple of weeks ago, I had an idea. Inspired by Lynn’s Squid family, it occurred to me that the fabric could easily be made into a squid tunic / dress. All I had to do was sew up the seams completely, where I had left them open. Fold it, with one corner at the top – sew it up and cut a couple of new armholes.

And, ta da, it became a squid 🙂 that can be worn either way – the cowl at the front and it looks like a dress…


The cowl at the back, which becomes a collar and then it looks more like a tunic…




AND now I’ve been wearing it a LOT!

It’s good to listen to the cloth…

Happy Weaving,

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4 replies
  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    As you know, I am partial to squids! I do love the colours of this piece. Different for you, but with the prerequisite blues and so very rich. Perfect for the colder months. And yes, always listen……

  2. Christi ~ Sweetpea Path
    Christi ~ Sweetpea Path says:

    OHHHHH, how I love this … beautifully reconfigured. I liked the 1st photo/rendition a lot, but when I scrolled down I loved the redo even more. You gals do GREAT work – and I am always so inspired. Cannot wait to learn …. one day …. will be a gift to myself, one day ;>))

    In the meantime, I will get my jollies from watching you two, hahahaha!

    • terri
      terri says:

      Thanks so much Christi! It is so much fun to find the way the cloth works best.

      Yes, one day….I look forward to that!

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