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Yesterday, I posted this photo on Facebook:


Here’s the rest of the story…

I had finished weaving a piece this summer and it has been waiting to be made into something. Yesterday was the day!! I had an idea to make a shawl/jacket based on the pattern in the “blue” SAORI clothing design book – pattern # 28.

I measured my weaving and it was approximately the same width and the exact length – go figure! So I got started and made a few modifications to the design as I put it together.

When I was finished, I asked Alan to take some photos. I don’t like having my photo taken at the best of times – but it didn’t work on the dress form, so here I am modelling it.

With the large collar down….


With the large collar back…


With the large collar up as a hood….


With it rolled into a bulky collar…


From the back…


And then when I got tired of modelling (you know, where to put your hands? where to look? how to stand? – a model I’m not!), I jumped up in the air…Alan kept taking photos and so that’s how we got the photo that I posted yesterday.

Today, I found a few more ways to wear it. What to call it – a tunic, a shawl, a jacket, a vest – it is all of these….

And….so simple to construct…


Just 3 pieces sewn together along the selvedge edges with holes left for the arms!

Happy Weaving,

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Fibrations is in Victoria tomorrow, August 18 from 10-4pm – a wonderful Community Fibre Celebration!

Today I was getting a community warp ready to welcome people to try out SAORI weaving. I call it “Blackberries & Sunshine” …


I thought I’d like to make something new to wear. I’ve had a few ideas in mind, but inspired by a recent tunic pattern I just got to work this morning making it and just finished! It is a SAORI silk pre-wound warp – from the SAORI Conference in LA, woven with silk yarns from SAORI, plus sari silk ribbon from Darn Good Yarn. I had finished weaving it in May and it has been waiting.



Today was the day!



Hope to see you there!

Happy Weaving,

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When Lynn was here making her 8-ways tunic, another Lynn was also here designing and sewing.

Lynn (from Victoria) had her own design and ideas that evolved as we worked together and then she finished the details when she got home. She has sent me some wonderful photos of the dress (and a vest now completed too) and details of it in her beautiful garden setting.

So, here’s the dress – a beautiful neck line with a slightly frayed edging that shows off the colours …

Side panels, pleats in the front…

Open at the bottom of the sides for easy wearing and walking…

Wonderful pocket details with her requisite “Bob” button (made by her husband, Bob)…

I hadn’t even done the blog post yet and she already finished a vest from the same fabric – and sent me photos too – so here it is (no button yet – it is to come). The front…

The back….


Well done Lynn! Both so wonderful and wearable.

Now, the rest of the story of this whole length of fabric is that the warp was a great find at a Thrift Store. It is a cottolin (cotton & linen blend) warp, already wound, tied, a good cross in it for threading – but in golds, browns, greens and very “70’s” looking says Lynn. She took it on as a challenge to see how she could use it and incorporate other colours to make it more to her liking. I was amazed – look closely at the detail photos and you’ll see what I mean.

Happy Weaving,

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I’m catching up on my blog posting and first want to tell you about a tunic that was created at a retreat here by Lynn of SAORI Berkeley. As one of our retreat activities, Lynn brought a long piece of woven cloth in beautiful colours that she wanted to make into a SAORI garment. She didn’t have anything particular in mind and so we started draping the fabric in different ways.

We found some possibilities, but in the end, it was the drape of a piece of the cloth around her neck that shaped the whole garment. What she ended up with is a wonderful tunic that can be worn 8 ways. How great is that? So the name became the 8-Ways Tunic!

And she started to cut and to sew the piece….

The first way, which is how it came to be, is with a piece of the tunic that can be wrapped around the neck like a scarf …

Now this can be done from the left or the right (2 ways)…

The tunic can also be turned around so that the scarf comes from the back – left or right (2 more ways)…(no photos of this – but here is a detail of the back and the weaving)

Then the piece that is the scarf can be left hanging down with the fringe (front or back – 2 more ways) – at this point it was the 6-Way Tunic….

Later we discovered that the scarf piece could also become a hood – only one way for this one 🙂 (now 7-ways)…

Then, when Lynn took it to show Lorrie (of Ewetopia Farm), they discovered that the ‘scarf’ piece could be worn hanging down, but then bloused up with a belt for another look – one more way – makes it the 8-Ways Tunic – “we learn from each other”. (sorry no photo of this way either – yet).

So, now perhaps you can come up with other ways and it will be renamed again!!

It is basically one long piece for the back, a piece twice as long for the front, folded, fringe left on. And then two smaller pieces for the sides of the tunic. A great design Lynn, with the help of Lynn (from Victoria), Lorrie and I.

Not to mention that she has a lovely piece of cloth left to make another garment. Here is it draped on the dress form…

Happy Weaving (and designing),

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Blossom Tunic

Blossom Tunic

Blossom Tunic

Blossom Tunic

Blossom Tunic

From the remaining warp from the Sendai Blossom Banner – love the connection!

Happy Weaving,

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I spent a wonderful morning with Tara and her mom Eve. Tara had purchased one of the pink pre-wound warps and wove the whole thing – 12 metres of it – washed it and brought it back to sew into a dress. She had seen a picture in the Saori Photo Report book that she wanted to try.

We had to decide whether it would be a dress or a tunic – or a bit of both. It’s long enough to be a dress, but could also be worn as a tunic.

Basically, it’s two long pieces sewn together at the shoulders…

The front and the back are quite different – and it can be worn either way…

We sewed in a side panel for a bit more room – using 1/2 of the width of the fabric and it was too wide. Eve had the great idea to fold it in half again and just sew it down, leaving the bottom the full width as a ‘kick pleat’ for extra room for walking, sitting, etc.

Everyone was pleased with how it turned out.

Now Tara has another 6 or 7 metres of fabric to make something with – or to sell.

It’s always interesting to see how things come together when sewing Saori-style. Each piece of fabric, each garment is different!

Happy Weaving,

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