A Red SAORI top…


Just in time for Christmas…

Lynn came by last week and we always have fun doing a show and tell (a mini SAORI Kai!). Lynn brought a fabulous new top that she made…


I loved the colours, of course, and it was so comfortable to wear that I didn’t want to give it back. Well, the next best thing was examining how she made it, and with her help and hints making one of my own!

I just happened to have this fabric that last year had been hanging in my house – now ready for some clothing 🙂


The pattern is from the Self Innovation book and is very easy to make. My fabric was narrower than the pattern called for, so I cut one length of fabric down the middle lengthwise and added it to the edge of the fabric to make it wider before beginning the construction.






Ready for Christmas! – or anything!!


Happy Weaving,

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SAORI Weaving Retreat

This past week has been busy in the studio. Susan was here for a weaving retreat, Jen and her family for a warping workshop, Tara to work on her commission piece and another visitor to the studio as well.

Susan spent the week “Exploring with all her might”, trying new things and looking out through eyes that shine.

Weaving loosely, mountains, clasped weft and more…


Inlay and colour explorations…


After the warping workshop we had a red warp on the loom and so Susan made a ‘mini Peace Banner’ full of fun and experimentation with all different fibres…




She didn’t think that she would ever make clothing with her weaving, but left thinking about her own line of SAORI clothes, plus some beautiful cloth for a first top…



It was fun to get to know Susan and spend time in the SAORI Studio with her…


Until next time….

Happy Weaving,

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I love making warps…

There was a time when I didn’t look forward to making warps – all the planning, figuring, choosing yarns, etc. And then came SAORI and the freedom that goes with it. I take a basket to the shelves, choose some yarns and start winding, making design decisions as I go – it is so visual – how much of this colour, that colour, more texture? how long? how wide? – all decided as I go.

And I cannot say enough about the great tools that make it all so easy!

I guess I’ve been on a bit of an orange ‘kick’ lately. It started with the commission of making a “Carrot” warp for Tanya for a community weaving at the Carrot Community Coffee House…


She wanted carrot colours – mostly orange, some green for the tops, some purple, yellow and white (for the other colour carrots!!). The weaving is happening this weekend at the Kaleido festival in Edmonton.

Then I made the Firebird warp…


…from yellows through oranges to reds (winding 5 yarns at a time) – which Tara is currently weaving.

And yesterday I made a warp for our Fall Fair on Salt Spring Island – another community weaving. The theme of the Fair is – wait for it – “The Pirates of the Carrots and the Beans” …


Okay – well – I decided I’d do half carrots (orange), half green (beans) – then of course I had to add in some gold shiny yarns for the treasure, and again I didn’t want to leave any carrots or beans out so I added a bit of purple, yellow and white.



Off to the fair it goes for the weekend to see how people add to the weaving. Of course I’ll be taking lots of ‘treasure’ for people to add in to the weaving!

Happy Weaving,

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Bengala Weaving


After the Bengala Dye workshops here on Salt Spring Island, I tried some of my own Bengala Dyeing on small skeins of yarn as well as a warp.

Here are some of the yarns before…


and after…


and a great photo by Alan…


I have now put the dip-dyed warp onto the loom…


And started weaving with the wonderful Bengala dyed yarns…


plus some great handspun yarn that Lynn (from SAORI Berkeley) brought for me on her last visit. It is like “Lorrie’s Locks” spun into a thick and chunky yarn, with the locks all sticking out this way and that. The colours go so well with the Bengala!


What’s on your loom?

Happy Weaving,

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Two girls, two bags


Last week, two young girls joined in on my weaving class. They have done a lot of weaving with me over the past few years – but not since last summer. It was fun to have them in the studio again.



They got right back into the weaving and had a plan to make bags – so I invited them back this week to do some more weaving so they would have enough fabric for what they wanted to make.

They liked the “Doni’s Deli” bag – here which I have used before. But they also liked the idea of a lined bag – lined with denim – like one that I made – here.

I love that they just wanted to ‘go for it’ and make them up – so we did that yesterday!

This one lined with the top part of a pair of jeans turned inside out…


This one lined with pieces of the leg sewn together…



And here they are together with their new bags!


Happy Weaving,

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Rainforest Skirt


Back in June 2012 (!!) I made a ‘Rainforest’ warp…



and wove it…


and then the fabric sat – for a long time. I had decided it was going to become a skirt – but even that didn’t happen right away.

Finally – it is finished…


And I’m so happy to be wearing it!

Happy Weaving,

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Getting ready for Fibrations…

Fibrations is in Victoria tomorrow, August 18 from 10-4pm – a wonderful Community Fibre Celebration!

Today I was getting a community warp ready to welcome people to try out SAORI weaving. I call it “Blackberries & Sunshine” …


I thought I’d like to make something new to wear. I’ve had a few ideas in mind, but inspired by a recent tunic pattern I just got to work this morning making it and just finished! It is a SAORI silk pre-wound warp – from the SAORI Conference in LA, woven with silk yarns from SAORI, plus sari silk ribbon from Darn Good Yarn. I had finished weaving it in May and it has been waiting.



Today was the day!



Hope to see you there!

Happy Weaving,

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Bengala Dye Workshops on Salt Spring Island

I was so happy to have Dan & Chiaki O’Brien from SAORI Studio FUN in Minnesota come to give some Bengala Dye workshops. Since I last saw them in 2008 at their studio, we wanted to have them visit Salt Spring Island. It finally happened!

And what FABULOUS workshops! So much fun and laughter, experimentation and play. And gorgeous colours that are so easy to use and very eco-friendly.

Dan & Chiaki - Bengala Dye workshop outdoors at SAORI Salt Spring

Dan & Chiaki – Bengala Dye workshop outdoors at SAORI Salt Spring

Wetting and pre-fixing the cloth.

Wetting and pre-fixing the cloth.

Hands in bowls, eco-friendly dyes

Hands in bowls, eco-friendly dyes

Firebird shawl

Firebird shawl

This will be made into a t-shirt or skirt with her aunt.

This will be made into a t-shirt or skirt with her aunt.

Chopstick pattern

Chopstick pattern

T-shirt design

T-shirt design

Skeins of yarn

Skeins of yarn

Three t-shirts dyed

Three t-shirts dyed

Beautiful shawl

Beautiful shawl

Lotus root clamp - and lots of laughter

Lotus root clamp – and lots of laughter

So many photos – hope they give you an idea of the workshops!

Thank you so much Dan & Chiaki – we were all so inspired!

Happy Weaving (and dyeing!)

Thank you also to Roly Poly Rice Balls and the Rawsome Cafe for wonderful food for our lunch!

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Mother-Daughter Retreat

Last month kind of whizzed by … but, there were many highlights, one of them being a Mother and Daughter who came to visit and have a SAORI retreat together.

Suzanne had contacted me about a retreat and I found out that she has woven with Mihoko at SAORI Worcester, Yukako at Loop of the Loom and Laura at SAORI Studio LA! So, I was so happy that she added SAORI Salt Spring to her SAORI thread…

We had so much fun. Suzanne made three different warps – the first had mixed textures and was a very wide warp – she wanted to try both of these things. The results are so beautiful…




It was her mom’s first time weaving. I always love seeing the process of discovery – of mixing colours and textures and exploring SAORI. More beautiful results…


and she enjoyed it!


She has done a lot of sewing and tailoring and so tried her hand at the SAORI way…


Judy (who is an amazing felter) was able to join us one morning and she finished a weaving she had been working on using lots of her felting supplies. We have been talking about how SAORI and felting might mix together in interesting ways! You can see more of her wonderful work on her website


Then Suzanne made another warp …


wove a bit of it…


and took the rest home with her to weave.

My favourite way to spend a few days!!

Happy Weaving,

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AiR – Reflections

One month flew by with my Artist-in-Residence (at SAORI Salt Spring)!

I had lots of ideas of things that I might do this past month and I’m just looking back at my first post about my Artist-in-Residence.

Some thoughts and reflections….

  1. This was much more about process than product. I thought I would get so many things “accomplished” or “completed” during my AiR, but learned it is much more about process. I did complete some things and at times felt that I ‘should” have more finished pieces. I felt much more relaxed about letting each studio day unfold in it’s own way as the month went on.
  2. Inspiration. It comes in all forms, from all people, from events, and also in the quiet. I have more ideas now than when I started this AiR, so if I thought that this might reduce my list of ‘things to try’ instead it really expanded on the “We learn from each other in the group” part of the philosophy! I have more ideas than ever!!
  3. Sharing SAORI. I’ve had people at the studio 15 days out of the past 31 and loved every minute of it. This is my true joy!
  4. Weaving. I have done a lot of weaving. Not so much sewing (see #1) or the making of things, but the process of weaving has been a big part of my month. I have discovered some interesting things. For example – when I was weaving my “Bobbin Gathering” weaving, I felt a different freedom than when I was weaving on a “precious” silk warp. On the silk warp, I limited my weft choice to silk yarns and fabric, I was more conservative in my weaving. Omoshiroi (interesting)! I really like the finished weaving, so it is all okay and part of ‘weaving myself’.
  5. Warps. I enjoy making warps! I have made many warps this month in all different colours, different widths, lengths, fibres. There is something about this process that I really enjoy. A new warp has so many possibilities! I’m also looking forward to weaving them.
  6. Newsletter. I started a newsletter for information about events, new items in the shop, etc. It has a different focus than my blog, website or Facebook page. I have just sent one newsletter out to the 24 people on the list and if anyone has feedback, please let me know. You can sign up here and can unsubscribe anytime.
  7. Other studios. I had hoped to visit other studios but wasn’t able to do that this month. It is still on my list.
  8. Experimentation. I tried making a ruffle with a technique demonstrated by Kenzo Jo, I wove 6 metres of a silk pre-wound warp, I wove my long bobbin gathering piece with every type of fibre that others had chosen and I enjoyed seeing how others explored fibre and texture in their weaving.

Silk weaving – 6 metres long…

Silk weaving – close-up…

It has been said that it takes 28 days to make a new habit. Well, after a month of being an “Artist-in-Residence” in my own studio – I’m ready for more!

The studio, cleaned up and ready for more weaving…

Happy Weaving,

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