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Happy New Year!

I’ve just sent out a newsletter with events happening at the studio and in Victoria in 2020.  You can read it here.

It includes information and registration for SAORI weaving workshops and retreats with SAORI Salt Spring.

Honeysuckle Cottage B&B

As of November this year, my teaching studio will be moved into Honeysuckle Cottage! This means there will be more space for weaving, a sewing room, a bathroom and full kitchen. We will still be in the woods, with a beautiful deck to enjoy.

Honeysuckle Cottage B&B

Honeysuckle Cottage – soon to be the SAORI Salt Spring Studio space

The current studio space on the property will be converted into a SAORI “store” where you will find an array of warps, yarns, books, equipment and woven items for sale on display. You’ll also be able to try out the “specialty” looms in the store including the WX90 (a 36” SAORI loom), a 4-harness loom and the Piccolo loom.

For those coming on retreat (which of course I will still be hosting) there is a B&B next door to us at Bloom Organic (at the Blue Horse Gallery) with 2 different suites available. The neighbour on the other side is Bird’s Hill Cottage and their B&B will accommodate up to 5 people. Both are a short walk from the studio, so you’ll still be able to wander over to the studio anytime. As with all my retreats the studio will be open early and late (8 am  to 8 pm) for extra weaving time.

Other accommodations in the area include Angel Cottage, Magnolia Petal, Quarrystone Inn, Soul Reflection B&B and many more. You can also find many listings and availability on the accommodations website at www.saltspringaccommodation.ca.

I’m looking forward to this new adventure and to seeing you here on the island!


To book a workshop or retreat, please have a look at my calendar here and information on classes and retreats.

(See my entire Autumn 2018 newsletter here).

Spring is here on the island, the daffodils and blossom trees are out and blooming. Hurrah!

It also is the time that things get busier here on the island and at the studio. Retreat season, visitors, classes & workshops, festivals, oh my! I love it 🙂

This past month we were on a couple of trips to visit family and so I wasn’t weaving much or writing at all. Starting now there is lots more to write about and so you will be hearing from me more often. I am just in the process of putting the next newsletter together as well.

Here are a few things that have been happening….

Threading up looms, some for a workshop this coming Sunday – this for one of my students…


A weaving recently completed at the studio by Teresa…


Working on designing a tunic with 3 pieces of organic cotton weaving…


And new items in the studio…


I will be at the Blossom Festival on April 12 on Salt Spring from 11-2, so I invite you to come and do some weaving on this year’s Blossom Banner!



Happy Weaving,

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This past week has been busy in the studio. Susan was here for a weaving retreat, Jen and her family for a warping workshop, Tara to work on her commission piece and another visitor to the studio as well.

Susan spent the week “Exploring with all her might”, trying new things and looking out through eyes that shine.

Weaving loosely, mountains, clasped weft and more…


Inlay and colour explorations…


After the warping workshop we had a red warp on the loom and so Susan made a ‘mini Peace Banner’ full of fun and experimentation with all different fibres…




She didn’t think that she would ever make clothing with her weaving, but left thinking about her own line of SAORI clothes, plus some beautiful cloth for a first top…



It was fun to get to know Susan and spend time in the SAORI Studio with her…


Until next time….

Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com


Last month kind of whizzed by … but, there were many highlights, one of them being a Mother and Daughter who came to visit and have a SAORI retreat together.

Suzanne had contacted me about a retreat and I found out that she has woven with Mihoko at SAORI Worcester, Yukako at Loop of the Loom and Laura at SAORI Studio LA! So, I was so happy that she added SAORI Salt Spring to her SAORI thread…

We had so much fun. Suzanne made three different warps – the first had mixed textures and was a very wide warp – she wanted to try both of these things. The results are so beautiful…




It was her mom’s first time weaving. I always love seeing the process of discovery – of mixing colours and textures and exploring SAORI. More beautiful results…


and she enjoyed it!


She has done a lot of sewing and tailoring and so tried her hand at the SAORI way…


Judy (who is an amazing felter) was able to join us one morning and she finished a weaving she had been working on using lots of her felting supplies. We have been talking about how SAORI and felting might mix together in interesting ways! You can see more of her wonderful work on her website


Then Suzanne made another warp …


wove a bit of it…


and took the rest home with her to weave.

My favourite way to spend a few days!!

Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com


This past week I had two people come to visit the studio to try out SAORI weaving for the first time. I always love watching the process of discovery…

SAORI workshop

SAORI workshop

SAORI workshop

And then their response to revealing their first SAORI weaving…

SAORI workshop

SAORI workshop

Another day, another palette …

SAORI workshop

SAORI workshop

More weavers join in …

SAORI workshop

and create a warp in greens – inspired by springtime in the Devonian Botanic Garden in Alberta…

SAORI workshop

and explore…

SAORI workshop

I think everyone had fun – I know I sure did 🙂

Happy Weaving,

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and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/saorisaltspring

I’m going to be taking a bit of a break from blogging – just until February. Planning is in progress for the upcoming 2012 International SAORI Weaving Conference – Saori on Salt Spring for September 2012 – and more about it will be posted in February.

I’ve also got workshops coming up in Victoria, Arizona and Powell River – see my workshop page for more info. Weaving retreats can be set up with your schedule in mind, but I am also planning some Saori Weaving Retreat weekends – in March, May & June. These retreats will be open to 4 people with a stay at our B&B – Honeysuckle Cottage – or arrangements made for nearby B&B’s.

Lots of weaving in store for 2012.


Happy Weaving & Happy New Year,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com

I want to let you know about some upcoming workshops I have in the Vancouver Island area. These workshops are open to anyone interested in learning more about SAORI weaving – whether you have ever woven before or not, tried SAORI or not. SAORI has no ‘levels’ of classes, everyone comes together and learns from each other and there is always something new to try.

October 1 at Knotty by Nature in Victoria, BC

October 14 & 15 a special SAORI 2-day immersion class at Studio G Art in Duncan, BC

October 29 at Knotty by Nature in Victoria, BC

We are also going to have another SAORI Kai (gathering) in Victoria. This is an informal event to share your ideas, questions, have a show and tell of things you have created, etc. All welcome. There is a small fee to cover the use of the classroom space at Knotty by Nature.

October 30 – a SAORI Kai (gathering) at Knotty by Nature in Victoria, BC

November 26 at Knotty by Nature in Victoria, BC

Feel free to also drop by the Salt Spring Fall Fair on September 17 & 18 or Fairfield Fair – a community festival in the Fairfield Community in Victoria, BC on September 24. There will be a SAORI loom to try out at both of these events.

And of course there are always opportunities to come to the SAORI Salt Spring studio for a workshop or a retreat with a B&B option.

Saori weaving workshop

Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com

I love hosting weaving retreats! It is always so much fun, great people and great Saori energy….

One of the parts of the Saori philosophy is ‘Let’s learn from everyone in the group’ and so when a group gets together lots of learning happens.

I have had a few retreats this spring and am hosting another one right now. At the last retreat one of the things that we explored was the Cool Cross scarf (see my previous post here).

Anik, one of the retreat participants made a very cool, Cool Cross scarf…

Cool Cross Scarf

She has just started a blog called Fibre Sauvage to document “Saori Weaving & Knitting with Natural & Wild Fibres”. Some great pictures of her amazing Cool Cross scarf are here. I’m sure she’ll have many great things to come…

Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com

Now that fall has arrived, it’s like my new year. Getting back to classes, schedules and of course getting new school supplies – which now includes buying more fibre!!

I am starting to plan out class times and workshops for this fall. A new workshop that I will be offering, along with Kim Cowley-Adam is “Saori Clothing Design”. We will be holding this at Knotty by Nature in Victoria, BC on Saturday, October 17.

I am also hoping to have more people come for retreats here at the cottage and studio on Salt Spring Island. I love having people come and immerse themselves in Saori and the island life.

Our cottage …

Honeysuckle Cottage

… is a true home away from home. A one-bedroom cottage with a full kitchen, living room/dining room, movies, library, bathroom and even a washer and dryer for longer stays and lots of “island peace & tranquility”. Oh, and we do have high-speed internet for those times you just need to be connected.

You can weave at the studio for a few hours or a few days. No weaving experience is necessary – just come in and enjoy playing with colour, fibre and texture in new ways as you discover weaving and discover yourself in the Saori way.

Saori Loom

Alan also does photography retreats, so whether you want to learn about the camera you have, get recommendations on cameras to purchase, learn how to download and adjust, email or print images, he is very knowledgeable. The photo retreats are also very flexible based on how much time you want to spend and what you want to learn. He has taken many of the photos for my blog and website as well as being a professional photographer and documentary filmmaker.

Here is one of his images from a local bronze foundry and more can be found here.

Bronze Foundry

Please contact me to find out more or visit my website at www.saorisaltspring.com.

Happy Weaving,