Y-shaped vest

The fabric for this vest is quite thick and heavy. The weft is 3-4 strands of wool wound together on a bobbin and I used lots of colour blending.

The warp was 10 thin threads of wool per dent and heddle (yes all put together to be like one thicker thread) and then 2 individual thin grey threads in the next two dents and heddles (more or less) so there are ridges in the warp.

I had this fabric for a while before I decided on it’s final form. I put two panels together sewn at the back and left the front open. Then I sewed the sides, but not at the edges as in the Y vest in the Beginners book. With these seams it makes the vest more form fitting, but loose at the same time if that makes sense.


Cozy and warm for a cool day.

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SAORI Weaving with (grand)children


Back in September we went to visit our grandchildren. I thought that they might each try weaving a bit and so I brought one of my SAORI looms along. I set it up in the living room and during the day, they all enthusiastically did some SAORI weaving.


That first evening, the youngest and I had plans to play “Sorry” and read some stories before bed. He said “Could I weave instead of playing the game?” – sure! Then when it was bedtime he said “Could I weave instead of having stories? Well, maybe just one short story?” Sure!


Over the weekend, all 3 boys accumulated a lot of weaving projects and thanked me for bringing the loom along. Some were already given as gifts (or sold! – Granddad was more than happy to buy some of the weaving 🙂 ) and others were going to be Christmas gifts…




What a joy for me to be able to share this with my grandkids!!

Happy Weaving,

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Tara’s Warp

Making a warp

From a basket of colours….

To a warp wound…

To the loom….

I’m looking forward to seeing the weaving!

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Virtual SAORI Kai II – A First Tapestry

Gabriella wrote to me recently saying:

I’m sending you a photo of my first project as promised – I’m already almost done the second one and just loving it.

I asked her if she’d like to be part of the SAORI Kai with her first piece and she agreed. I think that you’ll agree that this is an amazing weaving!

SAORI Weaving

She wrote about her experience:

I came to stay for two nights at Honeysuckle Cottage. During my stay I did a bit of exploring and came across Terri’s studio & then ran into Terri who sat me down at a loom. That was the first time I’d ever tried weaving. I had a sense then that this wouldn’t be the last time and, sure enough, I had the opportunity to return later in the year, to spend more time learning how to weave. I said to friends, “this will either confirm that I want to do this or it’ll get it out of my system.” Two months later my Saori loom was delivered to my house and within a few days I’d completed my first tapestry. I’m working on my third tapestry now and looking forward to seeing where my weaving explorations are going to take me!

A close-up:

SAORI Weaving

I love the beads, the curving lines, the colours!

Welcome to the world of SAORI Weaving Gabriella! Can’t wait to see what else you create…

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SAORI Weaving - Salt Spring Island

What’s on the loom?

Well, “the Blues” piece is finished and being washed – pictures coming soon. I still don’t know what it will become – hopefully it will speak to me soon!

Just going onto the loom is a totally different warp – red and gray/silver wool. My plans are to experiment with the comb reed…

Comb Reed

I tried one out in Japan and learned some great ways to use it. Now I’m going to “try this at home”!! I’m looking forward to making some curved lines by moving the threads around in the warp. Pictures will follow once I get the warp on the loom and start weaving.

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A child’s loom for Saori Weaving

Over at Saori No Mori in Japan they have been working on developing a child-sized floor loom.

It is sooooo adorable – a version of the SX-60 folding loom in miniature. I have a prototype of the loom to try out and took it to the Victoria Fibre Festival this past weekend.

Child\'s Saori Loom

The children loved it and they were lined up to try it out. Everything is within their own reach.

Child\'s Saori Loom

It will be great for schools and other places that teach children to weave as it is a full working floor loom in a small size. It is also height adjustable and so it will work for children for many years. In these photos you see it at it’s smallest size.

I’ll let you know when it is available for sale!

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