Gathering of bobbins

Last night I gathered up my tangle of bobbins and sorted them out in preparation for some workshops. I filled a basket and as I was doing that I was thinking about all the yarns on the bobbins…


I was wondering what the most popular colour was, or if there is one.

As I said that out loud, my friend said to me that he thought the most popular colours were the ones that had been on the empty bobbins!! Haha! A new perspective….love it!

Happy Weaving,

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Loom Dancer

With much anticipation and excitement, the Loom Dancer Weaving Odyssey on Salt Spring is now in full swing. Today is Salt Spring Market day and so all are off for a day of visiting artists and farmers at the market.

We’ve done so much already, starting with a tour of the SAORI Salt Spring studio in the woods…


A tour of Ewetopia Farm and Elf Leatherworks


and then off to the Gulf Islands Spinning mill, lunch at Seaside Kitchen and a tour of the wineries, brewery, cheese farms and more. A full day!

I was busy in the afternoon, with Alan, setting up the studio at Harbour House Hotel…


Yesterday, the weaving began…


And continued through the day. We even had visitors try it out…


And the weaving continues Sunday and Monday as well – but here is a small selection of the many beautiful colours and textures so far…




Lots more weaving and photos to come. Stay tuned to my Facebook page and Instagram also…

Happy Weaving,

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Mother-Daughter Retreat

Last month kind of whizzed by … but, there were many highlights, one of them being a Mother and Daughter who came to visit and have a SAORI retreat together.

Suzanne had contacted me about a retreat and I found out that she has woven with Mihoko at SAORI Worcester, Yukako at Loop of the Loom and Laura at SAORI Studio LA! So, I was so happy that she added SAORI Salt Spring to her SAORI thread…

We had so much fun. Suzanne made three different warps – the first had mixed textures and was a very wide warp – she wanted to try both of these things. The results are so beautiful…




It was her mom’s first time weaving. I always love seeing the process of discovery – of mixing colours and textures and exploring SAORI. More beautiful results…


and she enjoyed it!


She has done a lot of sewing and tailoring and so tried her hand at the SAORI way…


Judy (who is an amazing felter) was able to join us one morning and she finished a weaving she had been working on using lots of her felting supplies. We have been talking about how SAORI and felting might mix together in interesting ways! You can see more of her wonderful work on her website


Then Suzanne made another warp …


wove a bit of it…


and took the rest home with her to weave.

My favourite way to spend a few days!!

Happy Weaving,

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AiR – the bobbin gathering

After I had gathered up all my bobbins with yarn of various sorts…


I put on a black cotton warp and wove all the colours onto the warp…


Wow – that was more yarn than I thought. Not sure what I’ll make with this – a technicolour dream coat? a colourful skirt or top? Or perhaps it will hang in my studio for a while with all the engery of many weavers at the studio.

gathering-bobbins-3 gathering-bobbins-2

I also experimented a bit with making a ruffle – using different tensions on the warp threads. The right side is a 50 thread warp that was added on the side of a regular warp – and tension on the extra threads was just through clips on the back – and front.


Kenzo-sensei had showed me how to do this when I was last in Japan but I hadn’t tried it until now! This is just a short piece as I had another workshop to prepare for and needed the warp – but I’ll try this again for sure…


Another of my goals of this Artist-in-Residence was to set up a mailing list – which I have now done:

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This mailing list will be used to send out news of new items such as yarns, warp, books, equipment, etc. available at SAORI Salt Spring – so these will be only for shipping within Canada. I will also use it to send out news about Workshops, Retreats and Events and plan to keep my blog for weaving and other adventures. Please feel free to sign up – it also has an option to unsubscribe if you find you no longer want to receive it.

Happy Weaving,

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AiR – the past week…

Wow – what full and fun days at my Artist-in-Residence!

The past week has seen many visitors to the SAORI Salt Spring Studio. My son and dil (Tom & Tanya) were here for a lovely week of weaving, sewing, visiting and excursions.

Cowichan Bay…


Rawsome Cafe for lunch one day of course…


Also Mami visited for 3 days from Montreal, Tara has been here twice, Lynn was able to visit again, Elizabeth, from Portland, came by to see what SAORI was all about, and Teresa picked up her new SAORI SX60 4 harness loom – and more visitors have planned to come in the next while.

Tara, weaving an obi, and Mami…


Tanya brought along the baby blanket that she has made for a friend. I hope that we will see photos of the babe in the blanket. Here is a photo of how she joined the two pieces to make the blanket – I really like this finish…


Tanya also brought a weaving she calls “Chocolate Mint” – we draped it and tried different types of garments and she decided to base her piece on one of the patterns in the newest SAORI pattern book. What a beautiful and cozy shawl…


Mami visited with Tara, Lynn and I and we talked a lot about SAORI. She shared some of the things that she has woven and she also completed a 6 metre weaving to make into more clothing. With Mami and Lynn we had a mini SAORI kai – which was inspiring! I forgot to take many pictures, but I have many memories!


A highlight of one of our excursions was a trip to The Raptor Centre near Duncan. Tanya did the Owl Prowl and I did a Hawk Walk – so amazing!! I would highly recommend this to anyone in the area…





And of course more weaving was done and new warps made and much good gluten-free, sugar-free food was shared!


Happy Weaving,

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AiR – Weaving in the Community

Sunday was Ruckle Farm Day – a gathering of community to celebrate the heritage of the Ruckle Farm, the farming community and traditional hand crafts – from churning butter to sawing logs, blacksmithing and many others incluing of course, weaving and spinning. As Mihoko said in a post on Facebook – SAORI – a new tradition!! I love that 🙂

So the “Blossom Banner” was out in the public once again for one and all to try weaving….


The spinners were also there showing people how to turn fleece into yarn ….




…and more.

A great time! And then off to a new discovery – Kizmit Cafe – way in the deep south
of the island…a funky, truly Salt Spring experience…




Happy Weaving,

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Artist in Residence – First days

Day 1 – Lynn came over from Victoria on my first day of the AiR. How perfect! We had a mini-SAORI kai and shared things that we had each been working on talked about some design and works-in-progress. We also did some planning for a Bengala Dye workshop coming up in August – in Victoria and on Salt Spring Island. We are just working out the details and I’ll announce it as soon as things are finalized.

We also talked about life, family, etc. while we had tea and gluten free raspberry muffins. Lynn brought a fabulous quinoa salad chock full of veggies for lunch. Wonder-full!

I also spent some time on this first day looking a warps that were still on inside sets as I’d like to finish all of these off – and start some new things. One that I pulled out was from 2011! Inspired by the Pics to Picks 2 challenge I had made another warp to try using a combination of wool and bamboo to get collapsed weave sections…


Now I don’t have any of the yarns – so time to explore this in a new way!

I also took some photos of some of the flowers in bloom for inspiration…

white_blossom  rhody

Day 2 – Today I started out by warping up a 100 x 20 metre SAORI black cotton warp for experimenting.

And then I gathered up all the bobbins in my studio that still had yarn on them…


and started weaving.

The rest of my day was preparation for the Workshops on the Rock brochure launch party. Alan and I are both listed in the brochure of doing workshops and retreats. I took my loom with the Blossom Banner on it and invited people to try out SAORI weaving. I met lots of the other artists on the island as well as others that attended the event.


Now off to the studio for Day 3…

Happy Weaving,


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A trip to the farm…

Yesterday, Tara and I went for a visit to Ewetopia (farm that is)!

Lorrie showed us around the farm and we got to see all the spring lambs – such fun!



This one just 4 days old…


One little lamb was the smallest of a set of triplets. So cute…


and curious…


It is being bottle fed, so Tara got to try feeding it…


Lorrie and her husband Andy (who does leatherwork) raise the sheep for their wool. Lorrie is a spinner and a weaver and she uses her own homegrown and home-dyed wool. It is beautiful – as anyone who has woven here knows as I always have a supply of “Lorrie’s locks” to add some colour and texture to the SAORI weaving!


These sheep are well cared for, raised for their fibre and Lorrie says that they even wear coats to keep their fleece clean!

A beautiful farm – thanks for the tour Lorrie!


Happy Weaving,


Photos by Alan Bibby

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Spinning at the beach

On Mother’s Day we went for a walk down to a nearby beach…

Salt Spring Beach Walk

…and I took along my spindle once again.

Salt Spring Beach Walk

Happy Weaving (and Spinning),

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