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Don’t Let it all Unravel

Here is a great video, with a great message that I think is worth sharing…

Someone did a lot of knitting (& unraveling) to make this possible.

In peace,


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Earth Day – Weaving an Earth Banner

Happy Earth Day!

On Salt Spring Island, we had some celebrations on Sunday for Earth Day.

At one of the events I was invited to bring my Saori loom so that we could start weaving an ‘Earth Banner’.

I set up the warp using greens & browns and naturals and took my loom to the celebration.

Saori Weaving - Earth Day Banner

Of course, the Raging Grannies were there to sing about what we can do to reduce our impact on the earth.

Saori Weaving - Earth Day Banner

The children always love to come and try out some Saori weaving …

Saori Weaving - Earth Day Banner

And many people added their threads to the Earth Banner.

Next stop – Ruckle Day on May 4 …. where the banner will continue
as we celebrate spring and the planting of new crops at the Ruckle Farm on Salt Spring Island.

Happy Earth Day … and Happy Weaving,