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My newest cowl neck top in colours of Salt Spring and the Salish Sea in summer.

My favourites.

Mainly cotton.
Based on pattern 8 in the Black Book – Shitate no Hon.

Cowl neck.

This weaving was completed some time ago and I finally made this top, inspired by a different cowl neck top by Lynn (Pattern 7 in Shitate no Hon).

Happy Weaving,


SAORI Baby Blanket

Last week I enjoyed making a custom warp.

Tanya asked if I could make a warp for her based on a basket of yarns that she has. She wants to make a baby blanket for a friend. She asked for a wide, approximately 5 metre long warp, that is ‘stripe-y’. Yarns should be suitable for a baby blanket and be based on, but not limited to, the colours in her basket of yarns.

Here’s the basket of beautiful yarns…

So I made a warp in all cottons (her yarns are bamboo and cotton).
It is 240 threads wide and 5.5 metres long.

Here is the warp…

SAORI Baby Blanket

It was fun to make! I have asked Tanya if she could take a picture once it is on her loom and then the finished blanket as it will be fun to see the whole collaborative process.

Happy Weaving,

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