Welcome to the SAORI Salt Spring Weaving Studio - SAORI Weaving

SAORI weaving is weaving from the heart.  No rules, no mistakes.  But it is so much more!

The philosophy or slogans of SAORI weaving and the writings of Misao Jo inspire an approach to weaving that opens the heart and the mind.  No longer are there patterns to follow, the designs and ideas come from inside and from inspiration through sharing with others.

Come and immerse yourself in the colour and creativity of the SAORI way!

Join SAORI Salt Spring and learn to weave!


Since mid-March the SAORI Salt Spring Weaving Studio has been closed. Classes, workshops and retreats have been cancelled or postponed and will be for some time still. It is a challenging time for most people.

To be honest, at first I felt scattered and unfocused. I’m still sure what day it is much of the time. I’ve heard the same from many people. It is not surprising – these are unusual and uncharted times.

I hope that SAORI Weaving has been helpful to you to get through these days. SAORI Weaving has been a blessing for me. I think of Misao Jo’s words “Weave Every Day”. I hope that you are managing to find things that bring you joy and that you are able to connect with friends and family even if that is in new ways.

It clears my mind to breathe fresh air and see the beauty in nature; getting outside, sitting on the deck, walking to the mailbox, or on a nearby trail.

When we can get back together in community, I look forward to having a SAORI Kai and seeing everything that you have created and hear the stories that go with them.

I continue to post my weaving, and my walks on my Facebook page and on Instagram. I look forward to seeing you there too.

In the meantime…be well, stay safe and Happy Weaving,