SAORI Weaving Classes and Workshops

Scheduled SAORI classes, workshops, retreats and events:



    • OR Register for the weekend for $200


    • February 16 – Mom and Me SAORI Weaving Workshop 4 – 5:30 pm Poppet Creative – register by email $60
    • OR Register for the weekend for $200


    • OR Register for the weekend for $200

    2018 – There will be monthly workshops at Poppet Creative in 2018 with the exception of July and August.   Please email me for more information.


    • May 11 – Mom and Me
    • May 12 & 13
    • June 9 & 10
  • Poppet Creative Open Studio Days

    Open Studio Days will be hosted at Poppet Creative on selected Fridays from January through June.  We will also host some special workshops which will be announced.

    These days are to join with community and weave together.  You can come for the whole time, or just part of it, or just stop in and see what we are up to.  Each time 4 looms will be available to weave on (please pre-register), or you can bring your own loom.

    Cost for the loom and time is $15/hour plus materials.  If you bring your own material, you will just pay for the warp used, plus your time.

    Schedule (please check times and for updates):

    January 5 10-3 Open House

    January 19 10-3 Open Studio Day

    February 2 10-1 Open Studio Day with Lynn Jones

    February 16 10 – 3 Open Studio Day

    March 2 11 – 2 Open Studio Day with Lynn Jones

    March 23 10-1 Open Studio Day with Lynn Jones

    April 20 10-3 Open Studio Day

    and more to be announced

  • Tin Roof Fibre Studio

    Tin Roof Fibre Studio, Priddis, Albertatinroof

    January 26, 27 & 28 – SOLD OUT, Waitlist only

    January 26 will be a focus on Sakiori – weaving with strips of cloth.   The Sakiori cutter and shuttle will be used as well as looking at options for incorporating strips of cloth in your weaving.  A great way to recycle or upcycle cloth and clothing.

    Please contact Judy at Tin Roof to get on the early notification list.

    Next workshops

    • June 1, 2 & 3 – Bias Design, plus SAORI Weaving
    • September 21, 22 & 23 – topic TBA, plus SAORI Weaving
  • Artist-in-Residence

    Spring Artist-in-Residence – March 2018

    Judy Sysak of Tin Roof Fibre Studio will be the Artist in Residence in March 2018

    Judy’s Copper Patina warp

  • Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts

    June 23 & 24 – SAORI Weaving Workshop

    I’m excited to be offering a SAORI Weaving Workshop at the beautiful Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts (MISSA).  There are many great workshops and an opportunity to stay onsite at this beautiful waterfront location.

    Registration will be directly through MISSA – workshop details will be posted early in 2018.

  • Salt Spring Island Fibre Fair

    July 21 & 22Salt Spring Fibre Fair

    The Salt Spring Fibre Fair is back and all new.  I’m hoping that this will be the first annual!

    Come to the island and take a workshop, shop for some lovely fibre, watch a sheep to shawl and of course visit the famous Saturday Salt Spring Market!

    July 21 9-Noon – SAORI Weaving Workshop

    July 21 & 22

    • Vendor – looms, yarns, books, warps and more
    • Demos – come and see and try the SAORI looms
  • SAORI Weaving Retreats at SAORI Salt Spring Weaving Studio

    There are many dates open for SAORI Weaving Retreats here at the SAORI Salt Spring Weaving Studio and an optional stay at Honeysuckle Cottage.

    Retreats will be booked to suit your schedule, or join in any retreat that still has space available.

    Current Openings in Scheduled Retreats:

    March 28 – 30, 2018 (can book for 2 or more days)

    August 1 – 7, 2018 (can book for 2 or more days)

    or let me know what dates would suit you!

  • Now booking for 2018

    • Retreats, Workshops, Birthday Parties, Gatherings, Events at SAORI Salt Spring
    • Workshops in Victoria at Poppet Creative – on selected Fridays
    • Please check my calendar for available times
  • Loom Dancer Weaving Odysseys

    In 2018, we will not be having a SAORI Weaving retreat through Loom Dancer Weaving Odysseys.  Please check their website for other great opportunities and stayed tuned for a possible summer retreat on the island in 2019!

Book a SAORI class, workshop, or retreat:

  • Try It : 2 hour Try-It class

    Try your hand at Saori weaving. The loom is set up for you and all the materials are available at the studio. Take your finished weaving home with you. No weaving experience necessary. SAORI is freestyle weaving – no rules, no mistakes!

    2-hour SAORI Weaving Classes

    $40 plus materials
    $30 plus materials (15 and under)

  • SAORI Weaving - One-on-one instruction : 2 hours or more

    Would you like to have one-on-one time to learn to weave, to warp, to design clothes? Time can be set-up at the studio to meet your individual needs. Of course I hope you also have opportunities to “learn from each other” in group settings and join one of our SAORI weaving classes.

    $50 per 2-hour session plus materials

  • SAORI Clothing Design Workshops

    SAORI clothing design also follows the philosophy – taking an idea, a pattern perhaps and then seeing what the cloth wants to be, how the cloth changes the design.  I call it “cloth whispering” – leaving a fringe on, changing the direction of the cloth, seeing how it drapes and comes together.

    Being able to express ourselves through weaving and then taking the cloth and making it into something to wear – how amazing.  It allows us to share something about ourselves with others.  People wear the SAORI clothes they make and it changes them.

    One day (5 hours):  $125 please bring SAORI woven cloth with you for design possibilities

    Two days (10 hours): $250 complete at least one SAORI garment with your own cloth (bring your own hand woven and washed fabric)

    2 hours: $50 learn about the SAORI patterns and innovation, design theory and practice

  • Travelling Saori Weaving Workshops, Hands-On Demos and Community Events: 2 - 5 hours/day

    I can bring my looms to you. Please contact me for rates and details.

“I spent a leisurely Wed afternoon on the deck unboxing and assembling the loom.  Packed well and in perfect condition.  What a gem – so slick the way everything slips into place so easily.  By last evening I had a warp on and started to weave.  It is really well designed for simplicity.”


“What an amazing week!  I’m grateful for your sharing your works, stories, so many techniques and of course – the SAORI philosophy.  I’m thrilled beyond words to more fully embrace this way of seeing when I weave, design and ultimately – live my life.  Peace.” 


“Thanks so much for helping us make our theme “Weaving a Tapestry of Faith” meaningful to our children. Your patience with all of us is greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing your expertise and love of weaving with our school.”

St. Joseph’s Elementary SchoolChemainus, BC

“What a great week!  Loved the encouraging atmosphere and your gentle nudge to try something new.  I learned a lot that I will take with me and use.” 


“Come alive!  Begin SAORI!  The inner weaver awaits.  Thank you so much Terri, for your kindness and patience as you introduced me to SAORI.  I felt supported and encouraged in exploring my creativity in my first weaving effort.  A true joy bubbling up from inside.” 


“Thank you so much for your fabulous presentation at the 2009 Sewing, Needle & Fibre Arts Show. You are an amazingly talented & creative woman”

Organizing committeeCampbell River, BC

“What a fabulous experience to create such a beautiful weaving with my daughter under your guidance.  It was a wonderful example of how Spirit takes a bit of color here and a mistake there to weave together the fabric of our living.”


“What a wonderful two days.  Wish it were longer!  Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise and for your easy way of teaching.  Thanks too for your help with our logistics and suggestions for what else to do on the island.”

C. I.Delaware

“Thank you so much for coming and running such a brilliant workshop!  People have been talking about it for weeks.  As coordinators we could not have been happier.”

Lisa WoodVancouver

“There are not words, but I am going to try anyway.  This last week has been magical, healing and a refreshing space to ponder and just be.  I go home seeing with new eyes.  Sharing creative energy, bouncing ideas back and forth until the very air sparkles with possibility.” 


“The cottage, the studio, the island and your presence is just all so magical.  I felt like I had come home the minute I drove onto the property.  And the weaving!  what a joyful and uplifting experience – so many options.  It opened up my creative spirit and took me places I hadn’t imagined.”


“Your presentation, ‘Weaving without Boundaries’ has contributed to the larger discussion of definitions of disability, impairment and illness as well as to specific discussions about the interplay of arts and (dis)ability. We are pleased you have been able to be part of Engaging Disability.”

Coordinator, Engaging DisabilityUniversity of Victoria, BC

“My two days in your studio were fun, relaxing and eye opening.  So much colour = bliss! The SAORI way is freeing and calming.  No Mistakes = New Design.  Thank you.” 

L.G.British Columbia

“Thank you so very much for the wonderful SAORI time.  I am so excited to have my first pieces of weaving made into clothing – love every piece.” 

K.B.British Columbia

“I love to create lifetime memories with my travels and my family.  You truly made such an impact.  I’m sure we will return to this amazing place again.” 


“How do I start?  An amazing class – not  just weaving, but philosophy as well.  It fit right in where I am!  Thank you for your kind guidance and encouragement.  I look forward to seeing you again – our paths will cross.”

Join one of the SAORI classes or schedule a personal retreat.
Join one of the SAORI classes or schedule a personal retreat.
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