The story behind the picture…

Yesterday, I posted this photo on Facebook:


Here’s the rest of the story…

I had finished weaving a piece this summer and it has been waiting to be made into something. Yesterday was the day!! I had an idea to make a shawl/jacket based on the pattern in the “blue” SAORI clothing design book – pattern # 28.

I measured my weaving and it was approximately the same width and the exact length – go figure! So I got started and made a few modifications to the design as I put it together.

When I was finished, I asked Alan to take some photos. I don’t like having my photo taken at the best of times – but it didn’t work on the dress form, so here I am modelling it.

With the large collar down….


With the large collar back…


With the large collar up as a hood….


With it rolled into a bulky collar…


From the back…


And then when I got tired of modelling (you know, where to put your hands? where to look? how to stand? – a model I’m not!), I jumped up in the air…Alan kept taking photos and so that’s how we got the photo that I posted yesterday.

Today, I found a few more ways to wear it. What to call it – a tunic, a shawl, a jacket, a vest – it is all of these….

And….so simple to construct…


Just 3 pieces sewn together along the selvedge edges with holes left for the arms!

Happy Weaving,

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Bengala Weaving


After the Bengala Dye workshops here on Salt Spring Island, I tried some of my own Bengala Dyeing on small skeins of yarn as well as a warp.

Here are some of the yarns before…


and after…


and a great photo by Alan…


I have now put the dip-dyed warp onto the loom…


And started weaving with the wonderful Bengala dyed yarns…


plus some great handspun yarn that Lynn (from SAORI Berkeley) brought for me on her last visit. It is like “Lorrie’s Locks” spun into a thick and chunky yarn, with the locks all sticking out this way and that. The colours go so well with the Bengala!


What’s on your loom?

Happy Weaving,

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Two girls, two bags


Last week, two young girls joined in on my weaving class. They have done a lot of weaving with me over the past few years – but not since last summer. It was fun to have them in the studio again.



They got right back into the weaving and had a plan to make bags – so I invited them back this week to do some more weaving so they would have enough fabric for what they wanted to make.

They liked the “Doni’s Deli” bag – here which I have used before. But they also liked the idea of a lined bag – lined with denim – like one that I made – here.

I love that they just wanted to ‘go for it’ and make them up – so we did that yesterday!

This one lined with the top part of a pair of jeans turned inside out…


This one lined with pieces of the leg sewn together…



And here they are together with their new bags!


Happy Weaving,

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Rainforest Skirt


Back in June 2012 (!!) I made a ‘Rainforest’ warp…



and wove it…


and then the fabric sat – for a long time. I had decided it was going to become a skirt – but even that didn’t happen right away.

Finally – it is finished…


And I’m so happy to be wearing it!

Happy Weaving,

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Getting ready for Fibrations…

Fibrations is in Victoria tomorrow, August 18 from 10-4pm – a wonderful Community Fibre Celebration!

Today I was getting a community warp ready to welcome people to try out SAORI weaving. I call it “Blackberries & Sunshine” …


I thought I’d like to make something new to wear. I’ve had a few ideas in mind, but inspired by a recent tunic pattern I just got to work this morning making it and just finished! It is a SAORI silk pre-wound warp – from the SAORI Conference in LA, woven with silk yarns from SAORI, plus sari silk ribbon from Darn Good Yarn. I had finished weaving it in May and it has been waiting.



Today was the day!



Hope to see you there!

Happy Weaving,

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Mother-Daughter Retreat

Last month kind of whizzed by … but, there were many highlights, one of them being a Mother and Daughter who came to visit and have a SAORI retreat together.

Suzanne had contacted me about a retreat and I found out that she has woven with Mihoko at SAORI Worcester, Yukako at Loop of the Loom and Laura at SAORI Studio LA! So, I was so happy that she added SAORI Salt Spring to her SAORI thread…

We had so much fun. Suzanne made three different warps – the first had mixed textures and was a very wide warp – she wanted to try both of these things. The results are so beautiful…




It was her mom’s first time weaving. I always love seeing the process of discovery – of mixing colours and textures and exploring SAORI. More beautiful results…


and she enjoyed it!


She has done a lot of sewing and tailoring and so tried her hand at the SAORI way…


Judy (who is an amazing felter) was able to join us one morning and she finished a weaving she had been working on using lots of her felting supplies. We have been talking about how SAORI and felting might mix together in interesting ways! You can see more of her wonderful work on her website


Then Suzanne made another warp …


wove a bit of it…


and took the rest home with her to weave.

My favourite way to spend a few days!!

Happy Weaving,

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A scarf for Alison

This past week I wove a scarf for a long lost friend. After 8 years we finally got in touch again through a synchronistic meeting.

I enjoyed using these colours – spring and easter.

The warp…


The weaving …


And the finished scarf…


Happy Weaving,

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Custom warp

Last week I enjoyed making a custom warp.

Tanya asked if I could make a warp for her based on a basket of yarns that she has. She wants to make a baby blanket for a friend. She asked for a wide, approximately 5 metre long warp, that is ‘stripe-y’. Yarns should be suitable for a baby blanket and be based on, but not limited to, the colours in her basket of yarns.

Here’s the basket of beautiful yarns…

SAORI baby blanket

So I made a warp in all cottons (her yarns are bamboo and cotton).
It is 240 threads wide and 5.5 metres long.

Here is the warp…

SAORI baby blanket

It was fun to make! I have asked Tanya if she could take a picture once it is on her loom and then the finished blanket as it will be fun to see the whole collaborative process.

Happy Weaving,

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And now for something different…

The excitement of a new warp. New colours. Stripes this time. And what it will become…

Button up SAORI scarf

Starting…trying things…

Button up SAORI scarf

Variegated yarn, rust with sparkle, white yarn, purple – and some stretchy yarn….

Button up SAORI scarf

One end of the scarf has stretchy yarns …

Button up SAORI scarf

at the other, 2 vertical button holes…

Button up SAORI scarf

Washed and finished – with a heart button…

Button up SAORI scarf

Button up with one button hole…

Button up SAORI scarf

or both…

Button up SAORI scarf

Now I still have many more metres to weave….

Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Weaving,

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Pink warp finished…

I finished weaving my pink warp today. I’m hoping once it’s washed and out to the studio that it will speak to me 🙂

Pink SAORI Weaving

For most of the weaving I was blending yarns together and using all kinds of things – cotton, wool, silk, yarn with beads, strips of cloth, handspun, etc.

Pink SAORI Weaving

And some close-ups…

Pink SAORI Weaving

It seemed to change partway through when I started using more handspun and treasure…

Pink SAORI Weaving

Happy Weaving,

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