Placemat Vest Variation

I want to share some of the things I’ve made based on some patterns in the SAORI books. I say “based on” as nothing I make follows the pattern exactly. Each cloth, each person and so each piece of clothing is different.

My variation here is using 1 1/2 widths of the cloth I had on hand. I did this so that it would fit without being a short crop top. I put the extra half on the top on the front of the vest and the half width on the bottom at the back (scroll through photos to see). On the neckline, instead of a straight boat neck, I cut the fabric in half again and overlapped it a bit to make a simple open v-neck.

I have no specific measurements for this. It is based on the cloth on hand and on the person.

Easy to make. Colourful. Fun to wear.

I remember being in Hawaii with Kenzo-san as the Beginners book was being considered and his thought of how to encourage people to make their cloth into clothing. And to make it simple. He said “pick your placemats up off the table and sew them together at the shoulders and sides – a Placemat Vest!” So this became the first “pattern” in the book.

Based on SAORI Beginner’s Clothing Design book, pattern 1 with variation

Saori Christmas Cards

Need a quick Christmas card?   These cards were made from a piece of weaving and a blank card with a cut-out…

Saori Christmas Cards

…and here are the steps:

  • apply some iron-on interfacing to the back of a weaving
  • get some cards with cut-outs (these had plain rectangles – but other shapes are available)
  • cut out a piece of weaving that extends in all directions beyond the opening
  • put glue onto the card and press the weaving in
  • glue the card flap closed and place under some heavy books to weight it down until the glue is dry (note that these cards have an extra flap that goes behind the weaving – the card still does have an inside!)

Saori Christmas Cards

Put in a lovely message and give to your family friends for Christmas – or any occassion – change the weaving, change the occassion – try Wedding invitations or thank yous, birthday cards, other gift cards, etc…

Happy Weaving & Happy Holidays,


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