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I have been wanting to go to Japan during Cherry Blossom season ever since I started Saori Weaving and made my first trip there. Last year I missed it by a couple of weeks. This year it is my prayers that I’m sending to Japan.

However, this weekend there is a Blossom Festival on Salt Spring Island!! How cool is that?? So, I’m going to participate and take my Saori loom with a ‘blossom’ warp on it and take a basketful of blossom-y yarns and invite people to weave.

Blossom Festival 2011

The banner, when completed, will be sent to Japan as I see it as a sign of new growth, rebuilding, collaboration and hope.

Cherry Blossom

This will happen on Sunday, April 10 at the Harbour House Hotel in Ganges on Salt Spring Island from Noon – 5pm. There are many other events happening too.

If you are able, please come by and add some threads of hope and spring to the banner.

A friend of mine just sent this quote that I think is so appropriate – and so I’ve added it to this post:

Yoshida Kenko once said that “Blossoms are scattered by the wind and the wind cares nothing, but the blossoms of the heart no wind can touch.”

Happy Weaving,

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I finished my first Cherry Blossom weaving a while ago, but was waiting for the stars to align a beautiful Salt Spring Island sunset to take some photos.


Finally, we had the day the time to go and enjoy the sunset. It helped that the next day I had to take it in to be on display for the ArtCraft show!

Salt Spring Island Sunset - Southey Point


Well, before the sun set, Alan took some photos of the ‘Cherry Blossom Shrug’.

Now, more cherry blossom warp to work on, so more to come. I already have the next warp made for my Project Spectrum East – yellow ready to go.

Weave every day – that should do it!

Happy Weaving,

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