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Artist in Residence Month

February this year is an Artist in Residence month for me. The last time I did this was May 2013 – you can read about my adventures from that year here. I felt it was time to do it again. For those that didn’t read my blog then, it was a time for me to focus on my weaving as an Artist in Residence – in my own residence and studio.

So this year’s residence started with a SAORI Kai over in Victoria at Knotty by Nature. What a great way to start out – sharing our SAORI stories and inspiration. Some new and visiting people were there which added to the Kai. Thanks to all who came!!


Lynn showing the back of her vest and it's construction

Lynn showing the back of her vest and it’s construction

As I start on this next Artist in Residence (AiR), I’ve been wondering what my focus will be.

The first day at home, I was unloading my van and organizing the studio after taking 6 looms and material, etc. over to Victoria. As I was doing that I was thinking about my AiR and also thinking back to Loomsday and what warps were still on my looms. One was my ‘Christmas warp’…


This was a warp I put on before Christmas thinking that someone might like to weave something in Christmas colours – or that I might. One person did a weaving, but then there was still lots of warp left. I wondered – how can I weave this so that it doesn’t look like ‘Christmas’?

I looked at my bobbin tray – full of partial bobbins from my recent workshops…


…and wondered what colours & textures would change the look of the warp? And so I started to weave…



We’ll see where this goes.

It’s interesting that I have this feeling as I start out that I have to clear all my previous warps before I start on some new things. Making space perhaps for new ideas. I also wound some new warps yesterday – so I’ll just let this process unfold and see if it becomes clear.

During this month I have a workshop in White Rock and another in Victoria at Pacifica Paddle in Brentwood Bay – great chances to share SAORI weaving. I also have people coming to the studio to learn, to share. This is what I love – sharing SAORI!

Other thoughts for the month are to try some new fibres in the studio:

Some great recycled linens from Give a Darn Yarn that arrived last week…


Some beautiful rovings from Ashford and of course some of the SAORI Yarn Sets that came just before Christmas.

And some new yarns that I’m hoping arrive soon from New Zealand from Black Hills Yarn which I will be carrying in my shop!


I’ll keep posting my explorations….

Happy Weaving,

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I’ve always wanted to do an ‘Artist-in-Residence’ program. I’ve thought how lovely that would be – to have some time to just focus on weaving, working with other artists, working in
community. I’ve read about ones all around the world – most recently in Iceland!!

Then one day I came across a couple of posts about an “In House Artist Residency”….doing an Artist-in-Residence program in my own residence and studio. Perfect I thought….and saved these posts (which of course link to many more so I’ll let you explore and discover new things through these)…


2011 art fix in-house residency
In-house artist residency literally
DIY Artist Residency
Marketing Mondays – DIY

And planned…..

And now the time has come! Hooray! Starting on May 1 – May Day – I am going to be doing an In-house/In-studio Artist-in-Residence program.


Here are some possibilities of things I’d like to think about and explore…

  • making weaving the first priority of my days
  • weaving with others – classes, workshops, retreats, open studio times, weavng with community and continuation of the “Blossom Banner”
  • meeting other artists – inviting them to my studio, visiting theirs,
    seeing more possibilities and connections
  • exploring through reading, writing, photographing – but mostly weaving
  • having one professional photo shoot of my work
  • taking in-progress photos
  • blogging about my experience
  • creating a newsletter/mailing list

And then there’s the weaving…

  • finishing existing warps and weaving, making clothing, etc.
  • exploring all kinds of fibre – silk, jute, local wool, finer threads, stretchy threads, it’s endless…
  • pulling threads
  • felting and weaving
  • clothes making
  • and so much more…a lifetime of possibilities…

And the SAORI philosophy…

  • Someone interpreted one of the SAORI slogans as “Explore with all your might” – that is what I hope to do – while also considering the other slogans too. I want to enter this
    Artist-in-Residency with no expectations and just be open to where things go!

And of course I have to consider my health in this and do everything in a SAORI way
– including boosting my immune system, drinking more water, green smoothies, new recipes and so on.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be looking at Artist-in-Residence programs in other places – Iceland, Norway, Japan, Peru, etc. That is still a dream of mine…but for now I’m just going to start where I am!

I invite you to join me on this journey as “we learn from each other…”. I’ll be posting here and on Facebook and you can also find me in my studio 🙂

And a big thank you to those who inspire me and support me!

Happy Weaving,

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