Warps and more warps…

So many new warps have been made at the studio – perhaps a sign of spring and new things.

Here is the baby blanket warp that I made. It’s now on Tanya’s loom and the weaving has started…

baby_warp baby_warp2

When Tracy was here visiting she and Andi both made warps. This is a silk warp that was made into a mobius scarf…

tracy_warp1 tracy_warp2

This green warp has 4 different yarns in it – taken home to weave…


Andi made this white warp for a scarf that she will weave…


Franky made a colourful jute warp…

jute_1 jute2

Tara made this warp to weave some pillows…


I made this blossom warp for the Blossom Festival this weekend…


And SAORI Japan has also created some beautiful new cotton pre-wound warps…contact your local SAORI distributor for more information (www.saoriglobal.com).

photo 1

Lots of Happy Weaving to come!


My website: www.saorisaltspring.com

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  1. lynn
    lynn says:

    Wow! so much inspiration in these photos. It’s raining this morning….wonder what I’ll do to keep busy?
    Tanya – I love the baby blanket!! So much more fun then pink and blue.

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