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At the last SAORI Kai in Victoria (at Knotty by Nature) I told people about a project called the “Omoi no Katachi Project”, which means “Thinking of You”. This project is in aid of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in North East Japan.

Mihoko from SAORI Worcester first told me about this project:

Non-profit organization SAORI Hiroba in Osaka, Japan has organized projects to support Tsunami victims. They have been asking all SAORI weavers to donate scarves to raise funds or give to people who need them in the area where it gets snow a lot in winter.

It doesn’t matter it’s wool or cotton or rayon or any materials. You are donating your time, labor, and shipping cost with your loving, caring and thoughtful energy.

There is no due date. SAORI Hiroba emphasize this project have to run a long way.

So, here are the scarves that are ready to be sent from SAORI Salt Spring…

Omoi no Katachi

…some were mine and others donated by SAORI weavers.

This is the tag that gets put on each, along with a note with each one, that gives the recipient a message of hope and that we are all ‘thinking of them’.

Omoi no Katachi

As there is no deadline for this project, you are welcome to donate a scarf at any time. Please let me know if you would like to send one. I will be packaging them up to send to Japan next week, but am happy to send another package later. If you are close to another SAORI studio, you can ask them if they are also accepting these scarves.

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