Virtual SAORI Kai – post 5

Janet, from Halifax, has sent in some pieces to contribute to our Saori kai. It’s great to expand the kai to include people who would love to be here in person, but cannot.

Here is her weaving called “One Day the Tide”…

One Day the Tide

and details…

One Day the Tide

One Day the Tide

Janet says:

Thank you for showing me how to pick up the second thread as I watched on the SAORI No Mori video. I will attach a photo that shows a piece I did with a similar effect but a different technique. I plied each of the blue combinations on my hand spindle as I went along from various fine linens and wools. It is called “One Day the Tide”. This piece is very quiet and calm, and the process is very contemplative.

and here is a link to her Facebook page.

I agree – this is very quiet and calm – but it has such great movement too. I always love images of water…

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Happy Weaving,

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  1. lynn
    lynn says:

    This is wonderful! The sand and water, very peaceful. I think the virtual Kai is a great idea! I’m inspired and we get to meet others from all over.

  2. Tanya C
    Tanya C says:

    This is lovely. It’s funny – the one I am planning to send is called “Eb and Flow” and is inspired by tidal movements. 🙂

  3. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Janet, this is a piece I could look at for hours and never tire of it. It just keeps moving and I am drawn right in. Kinda like watching waves.

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