Virtual SAORI Kai – post 2

Nancy from Vancouver has joined the SAORI Kai. As she lives in Vancouver it hasn’t been easy for her to get over to Victoria for the gatherings – but she has been doing some wonderful weaving and wanted to share it through this virtual kai.

She says:

The ground of this piece is open and transparent, while the forms meandering through are more dense creating silhouettes against the light (as for curtains or a space divider). I especially liked the section on the right that sort of snakes its way along like a winding path, changing with every turn. Had fun playing with that motif.

And here it is…


Wonderful! Great designs and colours – I love how the colours are repeated in the designs that tie it all together. Thanks Nancy for joining in!

Virtual SAORI Kai – post 1

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Janet L Sponagle Hopper
    Janet L Sponagle Hopper says:

    These colours really speak to me and the blues meander beautifully. I feel like I was meant to see this piece today as I near the end of a long journey. Thank you Terri and Nancy for sharing the image.
    ~ Janet

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