Two girls, two bags


Last week, two young girls joined in on my weaving class. They have done a lot of weaving with me over the past few years – but not since last summer. It was fun to have them in the studio again.



They got right back into the weaving and had a plan to make bags – so I invited them back this week to do some more weaving so they would have enough fabric for what they wanted to make.

They liked the “Doni’s Deli” bag – here which I have used before. But they also liked the idea of a lined bag – lined with denim – like one that I made – here.

I love that they just wanted to ‘go for it’ and make them up – so we did that yesterday!

This one lined with the top part of a pair of jeans turned inside out…


This one lined with pieces of the leg sewn together…



And here they are together with their new bags!


Happy Weaving,

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  1. Judi Gay
    Judi Gay says:

    Lovely bags! It is nice to see young people embracing Saori and learning early the joy of creating. They did a great job.

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