Thinking of Valentine’s …

I just finished off my blue warp and am very happy with the finished weaving. I’m going to make something with it – I’m thinking of a top or jacket. It has a lot of wool in it, along with silk, cotton, fabric strips, etc. so it should be warm.

SAORI Weaving blue

The ripple section on the right side is where I threaded two threads on the front harness, then two threads on the back harness for a section – so it is looser and has become wavy (perfect for the blues/greens). This photo is before washing.

I was tempted to put on another blue warp, but thought I would do a pink one instead – thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day, colours of the heart chakra, springtime ….

SAORI Weaving valentines

Happy Weaving,

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  1. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks, the “jacket” has turned into a top and is almost done. I’ll post a picture once it’s photo ready 🙂

    Happy Weaving!

  2. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    After many years, I have finally brought my loom out of storage, and begun to weave again. One of my blog readers was kind enough to leave a comment on my blog the other day telling me about SAORI weaving, which I was unfamiliar with. Trying to educate myself now with some google searching, which led me to your beautiful work. The blue yardage is simply gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing!

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