The Mobius Story continues…

A while ago, I started making mobius scarves from my weaving. This all started with a piece of weaving that my mom loved. She thought it would make a great scarf – but it was too short. I was inspired to make a mobius (inspired by my son being a mathematician) as a kind of scarf/neckwarmer.

Well, now it seems to be growing…and others are making them too! What fun! Here are a few posts that I have found about them…

Honeysuckle Loom



Here are two that I made (they are also in previous posts) – and I’m also working on some more…

Mobius Scarf

This one (above) was the one for my mom. When I sent it to her, I didn’t think to mention that it was a mobius and it really was quite funny – she tried and tried to get it to lay flat – and then realized that it had a twist – on purpose!

Mobius Scarf

and another one here on Next Door Style.

Also, I recently read a post on Ravelry by Cat Bordhi about knitting a mobius scarf. She mentioned this in relation to healing, infinity, recycling, etc. She also has a YouTube video on how to get started knitting a mobius.

So have fun with the mobius – whether you knit or weave it – or create it in any other way…they really are quite magical.

I’d love to share more posts or photos – so please let me know if you’ve made one and I’ll post again with more links!

Happy Weaving,


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  1. terri
    terri says:

    The first one I did just didn’t have enough length to even think about fringe – the second one had lots. I took a section from each side and the third group for the braid had some strands from each side to hold it all together – there is nothing besides the braid – no seam, no knots.

    You can wear the fringe to the front, the side, the back – it’s quite versatile.

    Happy Weaving,

  2. mom
    mom says:

    I thought that gorgeous scarf you made for me last year was a unique concept. Now there seems to be all kinds of “unique” Moebius scarves! 🙂
    All of them are awesome! I love mine! I no longer try to to make it lie flat 🙂 I just let it arrange itself. BTW- it is also the perfect scarf to pull up over my nose during windy, wintery days! ox mom

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