Spinning on the ferry

Today was another travel day!! I went over to Duncan to Studio G Art for a meeting of the Vancouver Island Surface Design Association (a chapter of the Surface Design Association – a much larger group). We are planning a couple of shows – one in August (Ladysmith) and one in November (Cedar Hill, Victoria) which I’m excited about.

So, another ferry trip. Often my ’emergency kit’ for the car is crochet. However, not so long ago, Elaine was here for a weaving retreat and we were talking about spinning. I have never had, or rather made, the time to do a lot of spinning. She suggested taking a drop spindle in my ’emergency kit’, saying it is amazing how much spinning can get done – a bit at a time.


Well, then I had to say I had never really been able really do the drop-spindle spinning. It literally was a DROP spindle!! So, she shared with me some tips and tricks and on my last two ferry rides, I have taken my new spindle (purchased on a recent trip to Knotty by Nature) with me and have spun about 4 bobbins worth of thick and thin Saori-style yarn!!

So take some gorgeous fibre…



A rainy day on the ferry…


…and 30 minutes of spinning happens!


Happy Weaving – and Spinning!

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  1. Noreen Crone-Findlay
    Noreen Crone-Findlay says:

    Gorgeous yarn!
    Spindles are wonderfully portable, aren’t they?
    They are also a moving meditation, so it’s truly win win as you spin spin to find peace within within!

  2. terri
    terri says:

    I love the idea of walking and spinning – need some more practice yet – but the spinning is movement in itself….


  3. Franky
    Franky says:

    first time I have looked at your blog in a loooooong time. So very interesting. I love that you can spin on the ferries now, what a great idea. The colors are gorgeous. Your life is so full now!

  4. Carmen
    Carmen says:

    I love spinning on the ferry. I selfishly take up a whole seat in the car with my wheel. Will have to consider the more compact drop spindle for next time!

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