Some handwoven Saori cloth…

…which will become ?? I’m not sure yet. I have a few things in mind.

Blues and browns

I loved weaving with these colours – blue (turquoise) and brown – which then expanded into other colour combinations as I wove.

Blues and browns

In this weaving I used many different yarns – Noro variegated yarn, self-patterning sock yarn, yarn with sparkle, solid colours and others.

My plan is to make more clothing and so I just started weaving cloth, with no particular item of clothing in mind. Now to take the fabric, do some draping on my new dress form and see what it will become. Fun!

Blues and browns  Blues and browns

I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Tanya C.
    Tanya C. says:

    I love this! (not a surprise considering…) I especially love the bits that seem to develop their own pattern within it – the sort of dark and light chevron patterns. I too want to make some clothes – I remember seeing a sort of halter like top that I’d like to make.

  2. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks for all the comments – I’m hoping that next week I can get to some design ideas, this week I have been doing some other weaving that I hope to photograph and post soon!

    Happy Weaving,

  3. karen
    karen says:

    Hey! Like-mindedness afloat from you and Tanya and me: great energy. I discovered an exquisite piece of weaving on a church sale dig yesterday as a fibre archeologist; it carries the name of the weaver so I may try to track her down. I want to turn it into a garment and have been thinking/feeling on this. Just before I got on the computer I was standing in the bathroom where the length is hanging over the tub, nearly dry, (what I thought might be rust stains were not and came out in the handwash) and looking at it and touching it and considering the colours and patterns and weight and how to translate it into a wearable and thought of you and ran through what I remembered you saying about how to cut into woven fabric. Thanks!

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