Sewing SAORI

This past week at the studio, Tara & Eve came to visit. Tara brought with her metres and metres (yards and yards) of fabric. She had woven two of the purple pre-wound warps from SAORI Japan and they were gorgeous. She had metres of a blue/green weaving from a warp that we had made together another on the organic cotton warp and more! She is so amazing.

Last time she was here she said that she wanted to make pants – like she had seen in the “Self Discovery Through Free Weaving” book. I had never tried sewing these and so it is always interesting to ‘learn from each other’. She had a piece of woven fabric that turned out to be exactly the right length for what she had in mind.

Tara's SAORI pants

We also created a top, modeled by her mom Eve. Inspired by something I saw on the Saorinomori blog (click the “Older posts link” which is the first link at the bottom of the page on the left side to see more). One piece, no cutting…

Tara's SAORI pants

Tara's SAORI pants

Oh, and we sewed a catnip toy for her cat “Angel”….fun!

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Tara the pants are amazing! They look like a lot of fun to wear. And Eve the purple top is lovely. Great Saori sewing.

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