Saori Shuttles

For anyone who hasn’t tried out the Saori looms and other accessories, I thought I’d show you some of the Saori Shuttles.  Great tools whether you are weaving in the Saori way or any other way …

Saori Shuttles

Saori Shuttles

Front Shuttle – standard Saori shuttle

Middle Shuttle – extra large Saori shuttle

Back Shuttle – ‘Shuttle with Pegs’ – can be used for people with limited mobility in their hands – no rod to put the bobbin on, pegs on each end to push the shuttle back and forth on a shuttle shelf (guess I need to get a picture of this too). The shuttle shelf attaches to the shuttle race to give a flat surface to run the shuttle back and forth on. There are adjustable stoppers at each end so that the shuttle stops when it is reached. I have used this for people who are blind, or for others with only one hand to weave with.

Saori bobbins

Saori Shuttles

The bobbins come in two styles, ones with flanges and ones without.

Saori Shuttles

A fun thing about the standard size shuttle is that two of the regular plastic bobbins fit into the shuttle and people have been using this for combining colours. When one bobbin runs out, another is wound and put in and the weaving continued – a fun way to play with colour.

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