SAORI Necklaces

Lynn came over last Saturday and we spent the morning in the studio playing with SAORI necklaces. We put on very narrow warps and had fun making these skinny, skinny scarves – SAORI necklaces.

SAORI necklace

SAORI necklace

I also tried making a mini-mobius necklace which was fun.

SAORI mobius necklace

SAORI mobius necklace

It opens up more possibilities and such fun and experimental accessories to make. What do you think?

SAORI mobius necklace

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Noreen Crone-Findlay
    Noreen Crone-Findlay says:

    It looks like you had sooooooo much fun…. next step: Beads!
    I love weaving jewelry- I’m inspired to play with this concept on my Saori loom 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing more of your woven jewelry- isn’t this the perfect use for art yarns 🙂

  2. lynn
    lynn says:

    Yes we really did have fun! I’ve been thinking and planning, but not weaving…..Soon! I love the way this turned out! And, yes, definitely beads.

  3. pam
    pam says:

    How totally unexpected and fun! Ideas for using this idea are already swirling around in my head! So many applications beyond wearable jewelry!!!

    Thank you again for your continued inspiration in the world of Saori!

  4. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks everyone! Yes, beads would be fabulous with the necklaces. As always, so many possibilities and ideas…..thanks for your enthusiasm 🙂

    Happy Weaving,

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