SAORI Dress in a beautiful garden

When Lynn was here making her 8-ways tunic, another Lynn was also here designing and sewing.

Lynn (from Victoria) had her own design and ideas that evolved as we worked together and then she finished the details when she got home. She has sent me some wonderful photos of the dress (and a vest now completed too) and details of it in her beautiful garden setting.

So, here’s the dress – a beautiful neck line with a slightly frayed edging that shows off the colours …

Side panels, pleats in the front…

Open at the bottom of the sides for easy wearing and walking…

Wonderful pocket details with her requisite “Bob” button (made by her husband, Bob)…

I hadn’t even done the blog post yet and she already finished a vest from the same fabric – and sent me photos too – so here it is (no button yet – it is to come). The front…

The back….


Well done Lynn! Both so wonderful and wearable.

Now, the rest of the story of this whole length of fabric is that the warp was a great find at a Thrift Store. It is a cottolin (cotton & linen blend) warp, already wound, tied, a good cross in it for threading – but in golds, browns, greens and very “70’s” looking says Lynn. She took it on as a challenge to see how she could use it and incorporate other colours to make it more to her liking. I was amazed – look closely at the detail photos and you’ll see what I mean.

Happy Weaving,

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  1. karen
    karen says:

    Lovely! Both the dress and the vest. I like the flow of the latter and the back join which reminds me of two hands doing the ‘holding together’. And the geometry of the dress appeals.

  2. pam
    pam says:

    So inspiring! The creative energy must have been palpable.

    And here I am – feeling challenged by my little bag project!

    Thank you for sharing these two amazing Saori designers.

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