Playing with P2P2…

I’ve just been thinking and playing with one of the P2P2 images and colours …


No decisions yet, just thinking, experimenting, …


and of course, Happy Weaving!

PS – I’ve been asked for more ‘process’ information and background…….so… goes.

I really like the feeling of this picture and the colours are different than my usual and favourite palette – for me that’s good for a challenge. I had this warp in golds and burgundy and other shades left from a class that I did. I set this warp up for someone else who I knew liked these colours – and it was also set up for a ‘Cool Cross’ scarf. My initial thought was to weave a cool cross as it would reflect the photo.

However, right now I have been playing with loose weaving – leaving lots of space – to remind me to leave space in my life – for the unexpected, unplanned things. So this bit of weaving has turned into something unexpected and unplanned as a result.

Is this my finished piece? I think not…

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  1. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Like the way you stepped out into the unusual! I also tend to gravitate towards certain palettes, but since starting Saori Weaving have discovered the freedom to play, challenge, and well, just not know what the space will bring. Had a great guide! This weaving reflects the softness and naturalness and simplicity of the image so well!

  2. pam
    pam says:

    What i love most about Saori weaving is that it can be trusted! I don’t know any other way to say that.

    I recently found this out when i decided to create a small weaving for a friend in colors she uses in her space – colors that are about as far from my own color preferences as it is possible to get! I pulled the yarns together and let the weaving direct me from that point on. And the result is beautiful!

    Apparently you have just had a similar experience with this piece. And look at how beautiful your weaving is! The loose weaving really worked well with the colors. Completely different from most of your previous work.

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