P2P2 images arrive!

This week, the images for my P2P2 project arrived. I sat in my car at the mailbox and opened the package – excited to see what Kaz had sent to me.

As I looked at the photos, thoughts came to mind, so I thought I would start this process with my initial thoughts…

The first image …

Beautiful image, love the colours and the feel of this photo. Insteresting palette and different that I usually work with, could be fun to explore.

The second image …

Cool lines, dots of red, angles, open parts, lace weaving, hmm…..

The third image …

BLUE! My favourite colour!! OH – it’s brooms??? and dustpans??? – But I love the blue and white – will have to look at this in more detail….

The fourth image … Which way does this image go? I turned it around and around wondering….

Texture, monochromatic.

What is it? Texture!!

The fifth image…

Granny smith apples – yum! Oh, weaving – ah green, circles, round. In a tray that has indents – though I can’t really see it, I know what it looks like. Makes me think of collapsed weave – creating those indents!

THEN – I read the note, and saw the other other goodies in the package – thanks Kaz!

Well, this should be an interesting adventure. No decisions yet – lots of possibilities!

(Note: all my posts for this P2P2 challenge will be tagged with ‘P2P2’, but posted along with all my other writings and images, so please search for P2P2 if you want to follow the development. You can see what everyone is doing on the main page here.)

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    Meg in Nelson says:

    The one above the apples – is it of a rock formation of some kind? I had a good giggle with the blue dustpans – and the seen on the plastic – how would one replicated that? Mohair??

  2. terri
    terri says:

    I think it must be some kind of rock formation for sure – but I couldn’t figure out which way it went. Kaz sent me the images electronically too (which I didn’t open until after the post ones arrived) and so then I saw which way it was meant to go – not that it would matter for the weaving!!

    Yes, the dustpans were funny – at first look I just saw all the blue!! The sheen could be mohair? silk? ribbon? who knows….

    This should be fun!

    Happy Weaving,

  3. karen
    karen says:

    I like the ‘images’ that were evoked of you receiving the images – in car, by mailbox, first impressions. Yes. And Textures caught my gaze and held it. I thought it was fibre … fabric … somehow orchestrated…. and I could ‘see’ it made wearable. What an adventure, Terri. The link to the main site is most beneficial in giving an idea of what is involved. I look forward to the ongoing stages.

  4. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Interesting that Kaz included a person in the images. That creates a different dimension, doesn’t it. As you said, there is a “feel” about it. What is that expression? Serene? Pensive? Waiting? How can the intangible translate to the tangible? What a great challenge. Enjoy!

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