While we were in Japan we used the few words that we had learned before we left and some we learned while there. One day when I was at Suyoko-san’s studio, she gave us some food. Using my new Japanese language skills (!) I said that the food was Omoshiroi (which means interesting). What I meant to say was Oishii (which means delicious). When my mistake was pointed out to me, everyone had a good laugh. Omoshiroi became our favourite word of the trip.

I have started my comb reed weaving that I mentioned in my previous post (which also has a picture of the reed). Here are some photos…

Comb Reed Saori Weaving

Comb Reed Saori Weaving

The comb reed lets you change the sett of the weave as you go along. The top of the reed comes off … allowing you to move threads to the left or the right creating wavy lines and open spaces.

Comb Reed Saori Weaving

I think that it is very Omoshiroi! Do you?

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Anik
    Anik says:

    Ohhh …”kyoumibukai!” I love the wavy lines and open spaces that you created using the comb reed. It’s adding another dimension to your piece of weaving. Absolutely gorgeous, and indeed, “very Omoshiroi”!

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