Mother-Daughter Scarves

When my mom was visiting, she made a beautiful warp with blues, greens and whites…

SAORI scarf

She chose her yarns to weave into the scarf, including a Magic Ball from BeSweet Yarns

SAORI scarf

When she made the warp, it was long enough for two scarves and so I wove the second one. I wove with a combination of a green variegated silk, with a blue wool/silk blend. I also used pieces left from the Magic Ball to reflect the weaving in my mom’s scarf…

SAORI scarf

And here they are side-by-side. I put mine in the dryer for a bit which made it crinkle and shrink, so it is now narrower.

SAORI scarf

How nice to have mother-daughter scarves!

Happy Weaving,

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