More Saori weaving…

My friend Chiaki from Saori Studio Fun in Minnesota has just completed a weaving called ‘Wave’. It is worth having a look at – here is her blog post about it. Click on the image of the weaving for a larger picture.

And in New York City, Loop of the Loom had people weaving with recycled material to make a banner at a “Japan Day”, there is a photo album of pictures here (you can click on the arrows to scroll through the photos).

In Worcester, MA, Nat has been weaving some gift scarves – see his great ideas here.

And my dear friend Noreen is creating some wonderful weavings on her new (to her) Saori loom. You can see some of her work here and here (check out the clasped weft in the second scarf).

Another post that is of interest that uses clasped weft to “light up” the weaving…here.

As always…endless possibilities!

Happy Weaving,

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  1. karen
    karen says:

    Morning Terri
    I much enjoyed this stroll through different avenues of Saori weaving. KBN Social tonight and I plan to rent a loom and play out a glimpse of a vision. Tunisian crochet has been satisfying a weaving aspect; feel like a session of weaving using weaving tools.

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