Mom’s new Saori Loom

My mom bought a Saori loom and has been doing some great weaving.

This one was self patterning sock yarn …

Saori Weaving

This one in chenille with some great icicles in green …

Saori Weaving

This one has mercerized cotton and then blended stripes with thrums from the treasure basket …

Saori Weaving

These are all from the first black warp that comes already on the loom.

Way to go Mom!

Happy Weaving,


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  1. Meg in Nelson
    Meg in Nelson says:

    Yoo-hoo, Go Mom!!! My mother started weaving at 60, and sold her first piece at age 74 – she’s now into cashmere shawls (can’t imagine the cost of the yarns alone – but I think it’s one of her stash reduction projects) and postcard- size tapestry. Sky is the limit!!

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