Misao Jo’s Banner

I have been very lucky to have a banner woven by Misao Jo (the founder of Saori weaving) at my studio for the past while. Misao Jo is now 95 and still teaches and weaves every day!

Misao Jo

(This is the poster that came with the banner. I had it in my window with the Big Leaf Maple in the background. If you look at the photo, you will see Misao-sensei way in the back with her long banner rolled out in front of her. )

I have had the banner hanging in my studio draped on the open beams. It goes from one end of the studio to the other – and back again!

It has inspired me and many people with the colours, the texture and the energy!  There are areas in the banner that are woven so loosely – and seeing this, many of my students have tried it and loved it. That is part of the ‘learning from each other’ that is so wonderful.

Misa's banner

Misao Jo's banner

Thank you so much Misao-sensei! We are very grateful to have had the banner here at the studio – it has been our pleasure and honour!

I will now be sending it off to it’s next studio for a visit there.

Happy Weaving,


My website: www.saltspringweaving.com

Saori global website: www.saoriglobal.com

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  1. kim cowley-adam
    kim cowley-adam says:

    Lovely to see Misao-san’s work making its’ way across the globe! Thanks for sharing it with us, Terri. -Kim

  2. karen
    karen says:

    I was introduced to saori weaving at Knotty by Nature in Victoria and then learned of your two day workshop in Victoria later this month but cannot find details on it. ?

    DANA ALLEN says:

    Terry ,T hanks for sharing Misao-san’s banner. How does one get the banner to come to one’s studio? I would love to have it come to Maui.

  4. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks everyone! I feel very honoured to have been the keeper of the banner for a time.

    There are two other west coast studios where the banner will be going and then I guess the next stop will be Maui.

    Happy Weaving,

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