Light returning

This year I’ve been so aware of the Winter Solstice and dreaming of it. Not in the ‘end of the world’ kind of way, but really thinking of the light returning, my health returning and things to come.

On December 21, I decided to celebrate the solstice by doing some weaving and so was able to spend some time out in my studio in the woods – reflecting on the return of light.

I wove three pieces which I have put together into a vest. My original thought was a winter solstice cape, but as is often the case with SAORI weaving – it came together differently than anticipated 🙂

I was going to (and I might yet) weave one more piece in yellow…

Here is the back of the vest…

SAORI Salt Spring

– the yellow (light, east, spring) is returning through the directions
– the white (south, summer)
– the black (west, fall)
– and the red (north, winter)

SAORI Salt Spring

It is woven on a black pre-wound warp and woven with wool, wool roving, silk, sari silk strips, cotton, and other bits and pieces.

And here is the front:

SAORI Salt Spring

Right now it is just pinned together, but I will be sewing it together over the next few days and deciding how to finish the fringe.

Welcoming the return of the light!

Happy Weaving,

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SAORI Salt Spring

5 replies
  1. dawn
    dawn says:

    this is such an inspirational piece…I love your description of the pieces knowing what they want from you. I had my first weaving experience last month and it was saori. I’m hooked, but haven’t figured out the logistics of loom and yarn etc. In the meantime, I derive great inspiration and satisfaction from your blog.
    happy solstice

  2. lynn
    lynn says:

    It’s fabulous Terri! I love the yellow in the back for the returning of light. Have you tried it on upside down yet?

  3. Tara and Eve Roblin
    Tara and Eve Roblin says:

    Dear Terri, We create healing through our thoughts and actions. What a beautiful synthesis of regeneration you’ve created in your Saori vest. Tara and I wish you fun! health and happiness today (Christmas Eve Day)and always… Hugs to Alan and Mars too!

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