I love making warps…

There was a time when I didn’t look forward to making warps – all the planning, figuring, choosing yarns, etc. And then came SAORI and the freedom that goes with it. I take a basket to the shelves, choose some yarns and start winding, making design decisions as I go – it is so visual – how much of this colour, that colour, more texture? how long? how wide? – all decided as I go.

And I cannot say enough about the great tools that make it all so easy!

I guess I’ve been on a bit of an orange ‘kick’ lately. It started with the commission of making a “Carrot” warp for Tanya for a community weaving at the Carrot Community Coffee House…


She wanted carrot colours – mostly orange, some green for the tops, some purple, yellow and white (for the other colour carrots!!). The weaving is happening this weekend at the Kaleido festival in Edmonton.

Then I made the Firebird warp…


…from yellows through oranges to reds (winding 5 yarns at a time) – which Tara is currently weaving.

And yesterday I made a warp for our Fall Fair on Salt Spring Island – another community weaving. The theme of the Fair is – wait for it – “The Pirates of the Carrots and the Beans” …


Okay – well – I decided I’d do half carrots (orange), half green (beans) – then of course I had to add in some gold shiny yarns for the treasure, and again I didn’t want to leave any carrots or beans out so I added a bit of purple, yellow and white.



Off to the fair it goes for the weekend to see how people add to the weaving. Of course I’ll be taking lots of ‘treasure’ for people to add in to the weaving!

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Donni
    Donni says:

    YOu know – I only got my Thread Holder and Cross Holder last weekend and made myself a Warping Frame – already my thoughts on warping have completely changed. I too like them so much more! Yours are just lovely.

  2. Judi Gay
    Judi Gay says:

    Pirates of the Carrots and the Beans- that cracks me up. Beautiful warps all around. I am looking forward to the persimmon one coming my way.

  3. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Such a fun and creative warp impression of the Salt Spring Fall Fair theme!

    . . . I’m curious – Is it possible that you (and now Noreen) are the only weavers that find such pure joy in warping? 🙂

    • terri
      terri says:

      I think that many SAORI weavers have come to love the process of making warps…it can be very freestyle, making it up as you go along. Fun!

      AND, there are always the pre-wound warps for those who don’t!

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