Earth Loom Conversation

Over the past 5 days of a Saori weaving retreat, there has been a conversation going on with my Earth Loom. The Loom is set up at the driveway turn-around and so everyone goes by it when they come to visit or when you walk from the house to the studio or the cottage to the studio.

Earth Loom

The most lovely thing has happened during this retreat – bits and pieces were added over the 5 days to the loom. I didn’t ever see anyone weave anything into the loom (nor did anyone see me weaving materials in – that I know of….).

But this conversation happened…..a flower was added…

Earth Loom

some pinecones added…

Earth Loom

shells from the beach, wool, leaves, sticks, bark, bits of moss…

Earth Loom

a most wonderful creation….

Earth Loom

And a great memory of the week.

Happy Weaving,

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