Christmas Ruffle Scarf

We had a staff Christmas party last weekend and so I decided to weave a quick scarf to wear to it. I have a skirt that is black with a shiny turquoise/green section to it so thought I would coordinate with that.

I put a narrow 50-thread black cotton pre-wound warp on the loom and wove the scarf with a black yarn that has a green sparkle thread through it.

Christmas Ruffle Scarf

When I was weaving it, I wove very loosely, either barely beating the yarn into place or much of the time not even using the beater. It gives it an open & lacy look.

Christmas Ruffle Scarf

After weaving, I pulled three threads in the centre to create the ruffle (this is another reason to weave loosely so that the threads are easily pulled). Then I twisted the fringe, washed it and wore it to the party that night.

Just a note – when you weave the length of the scarf, be sure that you make it longer than the finished length you want it to be, as it shortens when you pull the threads to make the ruffle.

The scarf is featured on the Weavolution Facebook page – here.

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