Blue Saori handwoven top with scarf

Some time ago I wove a length of cloth and wasn’t sure what it might become. I had it hanging in my studio for quite a while – a skirt? a coat? a vest? I was never sure and so it waited…

I just went back in my posts to see when I was working on it – I cannot believe that it was over a year ago! Here is my original post – thanks for ‘staying tuned’ for so long!

Inspired by a pattern that I saw in one of the SAORI reports, I tried it out – a very simple design.

The front…

The back…

On the back, I had planned to cut the extra cloth off to use for something else and make the edge into a collar. However, when I had my class yesterday I was showing the design and how it would look and everyone thought that the ‘extra’ cloth could become a built in scarf. So I tried it that way….

And just wrapped it around this way…

And that way…

And so now it is done. No cutting and only 2 simple seams – it could even be easily sewn by hand.

And so a new Saori top – in my favourite colours 🙂

Some details:

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