Be Sweet Yarns

For Christmas I received some new yarns – yay!! One of them is a yarn from BeSweet – a very cool company with wonderful and unique yarns – perfect for Saori weaving!

Be Sweet was founded on the principle of being kind to others.


The other yarn is called a Ten-Ten – it is from River City Yarns and is 10 different colours and textures of yarns of 10 feet each.


Now of course, Ms. Snickers has to get in on the act when yarn is involved. She promptly laid down across the yarns and shook her head – “Nooooo….you’re not taking these yarns for your weaving!!”


Well, she could have been right. Whenever I get new yarns and especially some really lovely yarns, I tend to hang on to them for that ‘something special’. I have a stash of those kind of yarns waiting for a particular project. Anyone else do this?

This time, I decided to just start weaving with them. I have a warp made from natural coloured yarns that I made for the Saori loom that was at Windflower Moon. Unfortunately for Salt Spring and visitors, they just closed their doors at the end of the year because the building is being torn down. So, the loom and the remaining warp came back to the studio.


The good news is that it is perfect for these new yarns – Autumn Avenue in the Special Knobby yarn, Sari Silk Nubs (also from BeSweet) and the 10 x 10.


Happy Weaving,

Note: I have now made arrangements to carry the BeSweet yarns at the studio, so let me know if you are interested – I have some of the different types for sale.

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  1. Noreen Crone-Findlay
    Noreen Crone-Findlay says:

    How perfect that you are going to be carrying ‘Be Sweet’ yarns. They are the perfect match for your deeply sweet disposition. May it be a joyful partnership for you!
    :o) Hugs :o) Noreen

  2. laura
    laura says:

    Nice! I like. Can you save me one that looks like the top picture, please?
    Did I not recently declare that I have been banned from getting any more yarn? Self imposed, so what the heck! What’s one more going to hurt…..!?

  3. Zann
    Zann says:

    Oh, lovely! And yes, I know exactly what you mean about saving special yarn for just the Perfect Project I try very hard not to do that anymore.

    I am finally understanding that the Perfect Project does not exist….until it’s done! Especially with freeform and Saori-type of work. The Perfect Project is simply waiting to manifest when the Perfect Yarn is employed.

    So, yay for using the good stuff!!!

  4. pam
    pam says:

    I am excited to learn about the Be Sweet yarns. It is absolutely going to happen this year – as soon as the white winter weaving comes off the loom, I am weaving to make the amazing shoulder bag you posted some time back – and I would love to include some of this yarn. Will touch base for what is available as soon as I get ready to begin!

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